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Responses Vary On BKK’s Top Deck

Aside from a couple of questions, responses to the second workshop on BKK were different

The second community meeting on the BKK landfill was on Jan. 30 at Cortez Park. This meeting covered similar questions to the first one but received different responses and input.

This meeting also focused on the top deck of the Class III municipal waste landfill, but had more questions that covered the overall area. Unlike last session, there was a limit of one vote for all polls.

There were sixteen questions and two community group discussions with table speakers delivering each group’s ideas. Numbering below reflects what was shown on the poll questions themselves.

1. Are you a West Covina resident?

2. How close do you live to the former BKK landfill site?

1. What do you believe would be the best use of the site for the community?

2. Would you support development on the site?

3. How much development would you support?

4. Would you support selling a portion of the site to a developer for private development if it meant possible revenues for public amenities on the remaining portion of the site?

5. What is more important for you as a community member: for the site to generate revenues or provide public amenities?

5a. If generate revenues, why?

5b. If public amenities, why?

The tenth question’s options were provided by the community. Paulina Morales said that even if an option did not receive a lot of votes that all responses are noted.

6. What are your biggest concerns regarding a private development at the BKK site?

7. What do you think are the benefits of private investment/development in the community?

8. What type of public amenities would you be interested in seeing on the top deck?

9. How do you propose the city pay for the construction and operations of a new public amenity?

10. What do you think is the greatest obstacle to developing the top deck site?

11. What is the greatest asset/benefit of the top deck site?

This poll asked the community to provide suggestions for desired amenities.

12. What are your most desired amenities for the top deck?

Each option was labeled at the workshop in alphabetical order starting with A as the first bullet point in each poll, but no numbers of total votes for each section have been officially released at this time.

Check back for updates to this article of reactions to the workshop.

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