Six Ways to Get Away with Sleeping in Class


Boy sleeping in class. Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt/Pink Sherbet Photography

College students understand the struggle of getting a good night’s sleep, and often end up nodding off in the middle of their lectures. Sometimes, they have that one professor who has the eyes of an eagle and catches any student who dozes off for even a fraction of a second. Here’s a quick list of ways you can enjoy your in-class nap without the fear of being called out.

#1. Use a Book

The method that has lasted the test of time, a book in front of your face is a great way to hide your nap. Whether you use a single, tall one or multiple thick ones stacked up, books provide the reader with knowledge and cover. Because this is a classic technique, it can be risky since most professors know about it and will easily catch any student who dares cower behind literature.

1st step

#2. Sit Behind Someone Tall

If you have a classmate over 5′10″, try to sit behind them. Their large, imposing figure makes for a great visual blockade between you and your professor. And if your resident living skyscraper does not like to participate often, the easier of a time you will have. The less attention brought to your vicinity, the better. Unfortunately, if you happen to be the class giant, you’ll have a much harder time pulling this off. In fact, you are probably someone else’s sleep shield, so do your best to conceal them.

2nd step

#3. Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun and from the gaze of a watchful professor. These stylish accessories come in all shapes and sizes and can be found for cheap in drugstores and department stores. There are two ways you can go about this: you can use darker tinted lenses to hide your eyes but it makes your resting more obvious or use a lighter tint for more normal-looking glasses but it can make sleeping harder to hide because your eyes aren’t as concealed. Unfortunately, the sunglasses method is also one of the biggest giveaways that you are taking a nap and will get you in trouble.

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#4. Sleep in a Working Position

One really convincing way to fall asleep during your class is by sleeping like you are working. This can be either a breeze or a struggle, depending on where you are and what you are doing. If you need a position that works in every situation, there is the classic “elbow on desk with head in hand” technique. If you are in a lecture and taking notes, you can sleep with your pen in your hand and your head looking down at your desk. But if you’re in a lab dissecting a piglet, you’ll have to get a little more creative.

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#5. Use a Hat

Hats are extremely versatile. They protect your eyes from the sun and act as fashion accessories. They can also prevent your professor from seeing you catch some Z’s. A hat worn at the right angle will block your eyes from any outside gazes while adding some style to your outfit. Because they come in tons of shapes and sizes, picking the right hat can be tricky. One of the best styles is the “dad hat,” featuring a bendable brim and adjustable back strap. For colder weather, a beanie is a good option if you can pull it down over your eyes. And whatever you do, avoid cowboy hats. Not just for sleeping in class. Avoid them in general. For your own sake.

5th step

#6. Skip Class Altogether

Just don’t go. Simple as that.

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