The Jolly Life – Get Paid To Watch Sports

A veteran bettor’s insights into today’s game


Graphic: Travis Jepeway/SAC.Media

Just imagine…

Bottom of the ninth inning, the score is 5-2 and your team is trailing by three. Bases are loaded and it’s a full count. Up to bat is the teams worst hitter at the bottom of the lineup with the leadoff hitter on deck who is leading the team in batting average and is on a hot streak.

You can win $20 bucks if the game has a total score of over 8.5 runs. All the hitter needs to do is get on base and leave it up to the leadoff hitter to bring in a second run and take the total over 8.5 runs.

Next pitch is a ball and the hitter was walked, bringing in a run. Score is now 5-3, and you need one more run to win the money.

Leadoff hitter walks up to the plate hits a single to right field and ties the game at 5-5. You just won $20 bucks.

That would be nice wouldn’t it?

People spend money on fast food, coffee, movies and other things all the time. These do not return money to them, it just uses the money up. College kids are usually on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to their financial situations, but they still find a way to get what they want with the little money they have.

If they would just learn to invest that money and have a little fun while doing it, they may just find themselves with even more money at the end of the week, instead of less.

If you find that you watch professional sports often, why not make some money while watching? I’m talking about sports betting. Don’t get me wrong, it comes with a risk and you could quickly lose your money if you don’t play smart. What I’m talking about is betting only a few times a week on certain teams that you know well. This sets them up to be in the best position to win possible.

As someone who has become familiar with sports betting over the last three years, I know that the top bettors will not and cannot ever give out all of their secrets and knowledge. Knowledge can be built over time with experience and connections made, but the best secrets stay secrets.

This is what makes it fun to me. I love the stats in sports and love to look into trends and try to predict what an outcome will be. It’s all fun and games, but it comes down to beating the books.

I can’t tell you which book to use, but a quick google search for an online sports book will reveal a few well known ones. I highly suggest learning some of the terminology used in betting prior to making bets as well, so that if you hear “three unit bet on the Dodgers run line” you will know what it means. I could take the time to write an article on it, but it has been done hundreds of times and ESPN has a decent glossary of terms to known. Go to that link and read the terms to familiarize yourself with them and then bookmark the page for future reference.

I am going to provide some insights into certain games and prop bets that I feel are worth talking about and looking into. I will not give everything away, and I will not always be right. Let me say that again, I will not always be right.

Take what I say here and use it as information in your own personal algorithm to decide on a bet to place. I will be looking at a lot of prop bets that are a lot of fun to play.

Stick to the teams and players that you know if you want to play it safe. Have fun, and best of luck!