8 Tracks From Indie’s Rising Artists

A curated playlist of instant indie classics

Men I Trust

Men I Trust is an indie-dream pop group all the way from Montreal, Canada that was formed by high school friends Dragos Chiriac and Jessy Caron, who have always been heavily involved within their local music scene. This eventually allowed them to join up with lead singer Emma Prolux while the trio were studying music at Université Laval in 2014. “Say, can you hear,” the lead single from their first debut album “Oncle Jazz” is truly the start of this serene journey that takes you through the smooth, flourishing electronic beats, warm bass and alluringly soft & subtle vocals. It’s clear that the element of durability to make all their sounds heard in each track is an underlying theme in their craft. Enjoy the track “Say, can you hear” that is equally jazz-guitar influenced as much as it stands to be a classic dream pop record.

Michael Seyer

When you think of the whole DIY Los Angeles scene as a whole, there are a few artists that always come to mind while naming them off one by one, and Michael Seyer is consistently on the top of this list. Seyer, 23, is from Gardena, California and attends Cal State Long Beach. Juggling being a full-time student as well as a full-time musician has been the core of Seyer’s aesthetic for the past few years. Gravitating towards genre-bending aspects in his projects due to his birth in the Philippines and coming to southern California as a young kid, this transition allowed Seyer to bring his own spin on luscious guitar loops, touches of jazz-piano while also making his own version of bouncy 808’s. With a more mature and precise sound, the new track released this week titled “I Can’t Dance,” still spoon-feeds his fans with that classic touch of bedroom-pop that we all love and adore from Seyer.

(Sandy) Alex G

Alex Giannascoli, who goes by the alias (Sandy) Alex G, is a Pennsylvania native who is a composer, producer and most importantly, a guitarist that is reputable for making lo-fi pop while also creating a twangy-folk guitar flow throughout his projects. Alex has just dropped a new full-length record earlier this week titled “House of Sugar” that can surely remind you of what it means to fall in love all over again with his folky/alt-rock project. The track “Hope” off of the new record is a classic Alex G hit that truly highlights the guitar-reverb he repeatedly uses time after time. This track is a dramatic poem on the death and loss of an old friend, but the ballad in this track is something anyone can relate to, and that is the importance of feeling and acknowledging any loss, no matter what it is, in your life—the importance of struggling to let go, but knowing at the root of it all, it is time to do so.

Pink $ock

Straight from the heart of the Los Angeles music scene comes an artist who brings us vibrant synth beats & flirtatious pop melodies—a project none other than that of Pink $ock, a true master of creating the complete sex appeal while also achieving the dream-pop so many of us love. The Los Angeles-based resident has been working his way up the music ladder the past few years while playing for house shows in Glendale, Echo Park and different spots around eastern Los Angeles. Now graduating to headlining spots at venues such as The Echo, $ock released a new track this week titled “Stay In Tonight,” which takes you on a sensual trip through his use of catchy synth-piano loops and a modern twist on ’80s funk. This is a definite ode for a pleasant night in or setting the perfect “candle lit mood for two.”


If you’re on the hunt for a silky-smooth dream pop sound with a sprinkle of new wave psychedelic undertones, then Lucys is the ultimate hit for your craving. Lucys comes to us from the suburbs of Los Angeles, formed from four guys that at one point met in one way or another through the music scene. With the first release of the track “Maybe,” which now has over 200,000 hits, it’s no wonder that the group is now leading to a rising fanbase and shows across southern California. Lucys dropped a new single “Like U” featuring another Los Angeles-based artist, Katzu Oso, during the summer. This track is a classic love ballad that swings you through the emotions of falling for “someone like you.” And just maybe, you’ll be falling for the band’s hazy-like use of bedroom pop, too.

BLAck pARty

The creation of BLAck pARty is created by Malik Flint, who is a Little Rock resident in Arkansas. He started to make waves within the southern California music scene in 2016 with the release of his first record “Mango,” while also landing a co-sign agreement from artist Donald Glover. Flit, who is now based in Los Angeles, is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter with full creative control on each project he releases. Having his own creative style with the sounds of R&B and psychedelic soul, Flint released his second record titled “Endless Summer” that reminds us that summer is more of a feeling than a certain season we get during the year. The track “Dancing” off the new record is a funky love-groove that you can surely jam out to while driving down Sunset.


Tierra Wilson, 20, is a Seattle native who is equal parts songwriter, producer and artistic visionary. Wilson goes by the musical alias UMI, which is a project bursting with neo-soul and alternative R&B sounds. Her newest track released this summer titled “Sonshine” is a sweetly lit genre-bending tune that surely earns the title of creating the aesthetic of “bedroom R&B.” UMI pours her relaxed energy into her records by creating nostalgic emotions, which you can genuinely feel in this new release. UMI has been creating a large audience with this sound, as she toured with Los Angeles-based artist Cuco and earned a slot at the Tropicalia Fest in Pico Rivera this November.

Blood Orange

One of the most promising and influential artists of our generation, Devonté Hynes, who goes by the alias Blood Orange, released an all-new live track this week off of his EP “Angel’s Pulse.” The live recording was produced in partnership with COLORS Studios, which is known for its aesthetic-based music platform that showcases rising artists as they record live in the studio. Blood Orange is a New York-based artist and cannot be defined by one, or even two, genres. He intelligently brings R&B, electronic-funk, indie rock and soul to the table, and he combines them to perfectly create the sound that is Blood Orange. Orange’s live track that dropped this week titled “Dark & Handsome” details the depression and anxiety members of the African-American community feel on a day-to-day basis as he uses a lo-fi synthesizer throughout the track to dramatize the lyrics during the melody. It’s a beautiful and striking track that you can listen to on any occasion, but especially for late nights while studying.