San Dimas Votes To Put Sales Tax On Ballot

This 75 cent sales tax will raise the general sales tax past its current 9.5% rate


Photo by YonderStone on Wikimedia Commons.

San Dimas City Council met at City Hall for their regularly scheduled meeting on Nov. 12 and voted unanimously to adopt a measure allowing a 75 cent general sales tax to be placed on the March 3, 2020 ballot.

The city already has a 9.5% general sales tax and is looking to increase it again in the next election.

“It is best for the city and I am glad that we are all in favor of this,” Mayor Curtis Morris said when talking about the sales tax measure that was approved to be placed on the next election ballot.

The city council also voted unanimously to allow a city council ad hoc committee with two members of the council to write arguments for this new sales tax. The arguments will be included on the sample ballot to be read by the voters, and the city council is also going to allow any rebuttal to be heard by the council over the sales tax measure.

“The great thing is that the 75 cents stays in San Dimas,” council member John Ebiner said. “It’s San Dimas’ money for us to use for services that we provide.”

The city council also voted unanimously to allow a continuous over a property located at 299 E. Foothill Blvd. that would allow 20 two-story, single-family dwelling units to be built on the property.

The continuous was allowed over confusion in regards to debris flow in the event of a potential fire storm and subsequent 50 to 100-year-old rainstorm.

“I believe a public hearing should be held in regards to public land,” Morris said.

This property plan will be discussed again at a future meeting.

The city council also voted unanimously on three resolutions to consolidate with Los Angeles County Election and to adopt regulations for candidate statements, and these resolutions will allow a general municipal election to be held on March 3, 2020.

Council also voted unanimously to pass an ordinance that would reduce the front yard setback from 25 feet to 10 feet for properties located at the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and San Dimas Canyon Road and were also given a Gold Line update, stating that the project is moving along as scheduled.

The city council also announced their Holiday Extravaganza that is going to be held on Dec. 7, 2019 from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. and the council will meet again on Nov. 26, 2019 for a study session at 6 p.m. in city hall.