Rolling Loud Returns to LA

The hyped hip-hop and rap festival is coming to LA this weekend


Photo of Denzell Curry by Sidney Silver on Flickr.

Rolling Loud, the popular rap music festival, is returning to Los Angeles on Dec. 14-15 at the Bank of California Stadium and Exposition Park. This year’s headliners include popular rappers such as Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug and Playboi Carti.

Over 50,000 hip-hop fans are expected to attend the weekend event, with over 60 hip-hop artists performing during the two days.

Rolling Loud was developed in 2015 by Matt Zingler and Tariq Cherif, who have since expanded the festival in terms of locations, artists and attendance. The first Rolling Loud had an estimated attendance of 6,000 people, but now over 70,000 people attend the event.

While most festivals return to the same location, often annually, Rolling Loud has visited places such as Miami, New York and even Australia in past years. It also occurs multiple times per year in different cities, having come to Oakland and New York previously this year. Rolling Loud has come to California twice prior to this year’s event, beginning in San Bernardino in 2017 before shifting to Los Angeles.

What makes Rolling Loud particularly unique is its exclusive focus on hip-hop. Whereas most large-scale festivals have artists from multiple genres, nearly all of the music performed at Rolling Loud falls exclusively on the spectrum of hip-hop. The majority of the top Rolling Loud artists have songs that are currently charting, making the demand for Rolling Loud greater than other festivals.

Rolling Loud visits multiple different cities per year with the most popular rap artists, making the festival unique in that it has developed into a brand since then. Rolling Loud also creates relationships with the artists themselves, with many returning to Rolling Loud repeatedly. Acclaimed hip-hop artist Diddy has called Rolling Loud the “Woodstock of Hip-Hop.”

Festival organizers try to include both the biggest names as well as local talent, so it is no surprise to see LA rappers Blueface, Dom Kennedy, and Tyga on the lineup.

“Any time you go into a market and curate a lineup, you have to respect the locals,” Cherif said. “It’s so important to celebrate the local culture, while still bringing in those top headliners.”