A Student Publication of Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA


A Student Publication of Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA


A Student Publication of Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA


Cafe 91 Serves More Than Just Food

Mt. SAC’s student-run restaurant dishes out food created by students and real-life work experience
Photo courtesy of Mt. SAC.

After 15 years of preparation, a college diner created on campus that has the ambiance of class and grace stands alone.

Cafe 91, located on the first floor in building 78, is a college-run culinary arts restaurant with seven students and lab technicians who oversee the operation. The restaurant’s website states, “Expect to allow one hour for your dining experience.”

Attending lab technicians are experts in making sure that all equipment and coordinating pieces pertaining to the students’ training are in place, as well as teaching the students how to observe protocol.

Café 91 is also defined as a large classroom for the culinary students to formally learn every technique of etiquette in regards to restaurant procedure and management. The diner has a spacious dining area, along with an enlarged airy patio for outdoor dining service and preference.

It is open for business Wednesday to Friday for lunch, 11:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Nonetheless, to dine at the restaurant, you have to go online to reserve a table. Only credit card payments are accepted.

On arrival to the restaurant, a host at the entrance, who stands behind a beautiful courtesy booth, greets visitors, checks in and seats everyone who has reserved a table.

On the left-hand side from the entrance stands a statuette glass bookcase that sits against a wall filled with culinary books from different European countries. On the right-hand side of the entrance sits another glass bookcase that has beautiful glass goblets and vials placed orderly inside. Each table is artistically dressed with stylish fabric cloth napkins that are neatly folded; the stainless-steel utensils are placed neatly beside the napkins.

Hanging from the ceiling are multiple round, shaded lights that give the restaurant a quaint and cozy touch. The elongated front counter where the prepared food is placed and served is polished with flair; the backdrop displays various steel coffee pots and teapots with other restaurant equipment that sits on shelves.

The menu is filled with mouthwatering tasty food like Vietnamese lettuce cups, pork belly BLT and steak frites. According to the website, “The food that is prepared is focused around the learning outcomes and the education tied to the kitchen.”

To the delight of the culinary students and what makes the dining experience more interesting, is when the students see that the customers find that some of the appetizing food listed on the menu are created by them. Moreover, the students are expected to exhibit great hospitality in overall service.

“Dining at Café 91 is like a hidden gem, an unexpected surprise and escape on campus,” Lab Technician Marianne Lima, 30, said.

The quality of the food and service is well expected at this casual upscale venue, and worth the time and experience to dine.

For reservations, call (909) 274-6243 or visit their website.

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