Chris Evans Accidentally Leaked His Own Nudes…and People Aren’t Mad About It

As Ant-Man once said, “That’s America’s ass,” Well, now it isn’t the only body part of Captain America that is ours


Amber Ortiz

Graphic by Amber Ortiz/SAC.Media

Chris Evans took the internet by storm when he accidentally posted a video on his Instagram story.

On Sept. 14, the actor posted a screen-recording of his camera roll that contained a not so safe for work photo. It stayed on his feed for four minutes before he took it down, but that didn’t stop people from screen capturing the post.

Who would’ve thought Captain America would leak his own nudes? Evans had everyone with an internet connection eagerly waiting for a response. Even co-stars of his and other celebrities such as Mark Ruffalo and Jamie Lee Curtis awaited his explanation for this surprising mishap.

After two days of silence, Evans sent out a tweet that gained a lot of attention, and honestly it would’ve made Captain America proud. The tweet read, “Now that I have your attention….VOTE Nov 3rd!!!”

At the moment, his tweet has 1.2 million likes and sits at over 173,000 retweets. Many of Evans’ fans were pleased and amazed that he used his platform to talk about the upcoming election on Nov. 3. – which by the way if you haven’t registered, you can do so here.

On Tuesday, “Captain America” made an appearance on “The Tamron Hall Show” where he spoke up about the oh so unfortunate incident.

“Look, it was an interesting weekend full of lessons learned, lots of teachable moments,” Evans said. “You know, things happen, it’s embarrassing, you gotta roll with the punches.”

The reaction and responses Evans was receiving from his supporters and people around the world have been mostly positive – which led to the topic of double standards in the entertainment industry.

“Dollface” actress, Kat Dennings commented on this issue by tweeting, “The public respect for Chris Evans’ privacy/feelings is wonderful. Wouldn’t it be nice if it extended to women when this kind of thing happens?”

Kat Dennings herself has been a victim to having her private photos displayed on the internet. Numerous women agree with Dennings’ mentality of the double-standard in the entertainment industry being alive and appalling.

The whole situation began as a series of tweets from women who aspire to raise awareness on misogyny and double-standards in Hollywood. Some even went as far as to resurface incidents where other Marvel actresses have had their nude photos leaked and compared the reaction between Evans’ incident and theirs.

Media personality Ashlee Marie Preston tweeted, “While everyone is talking about the Chris Evans pic, this would be a great time to discuss the slut-shaming of women whose photos are leaked (usually revenge porn) and how they’re slut-shamed into oblivion. Let’s keep this same loving, protective, supportive energy for them too.”

The majority of the replies under the tweet agreed with what Preston said, besides a couple of troll accounts on the internet.

Women were even flooding the indirects and hashtags about Chris Evans with photos of puppies to show their support for him.

Women talking about puppies and Chris Evans? Don’t think it can get better than that!