QAnon Banned from Facebook Platforms

After years of conspiracy theories on social media, Facebook has announced they are to ban Qanon from their platforms

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On Oct. 6 Facebook published a press release stating that they will move forward in banning all content pertaining to QAnon and, “militarized social movements” operating on facebook. Facebook plans to seek out all profiles, accounts, and pages that involve QAnon. This is all in hopes to remove all socialized content that advocates violence offline like those of militia and other terrorist groups. Since August, Facebook has made an update regarding how the social media giant addresses several movements like QAnon.

The work of removing content, according to Facebook, “will take time and [will] need to continue in the coming days and weeks.” Facebook’s Dangerous Organizations Operations team will be enforcing this policy proactively to detect content for removal rather than relying on user reports.


QAnon has spread mass misinformation through social media, such as conspiracy theories that the coronavirus is fake. Facebook and Instagram have plans to monitor and remove all socialized threats, and many hope that Twitter and other social media platforms will also follow with similar policies.