Election Student Opinion Series: Why This Election Matters

Mt. SAC students sound off on the election, the issues that matter, and why voting is important.


Graphic by Monica Inouye/SAC.Media.

This election is important to me and my family because of several issues. First and foremost, to address discrimination issues. Secondly, to provide the homeless population the assistance they need and not what is being imposed on them. Thirdly, to limit the terms of Congress. The fourth issue is to preserve Roe v. Wade.

The first issue, discrimination, is important to me because people are people no matter their background or ethnicity and as such deserve equal treatment and consideration for opportunities. The only exception  that should considered is persons who have committed serious crimes, that are incorrigible and pose a threat to society. If a person has the knowledge or experience for a certain job they should not be denied because of age, race, color, or gender. On the same lines, and during this COVID-19 pandemic, small business owner loans should not be exclusive to certain races or genders. It should be allotted by the demonstration of need.

Having been homeless twice in my life I am familiar with the way the system works for this community. First of all, shelters should accept everyone with the condition that any inappropriate behaviors, like drug use, are grounds for dismissal. I also believe that shelters should not be limited to the winter months. Secondly, I believe that other services, such as mental health, or education should not be a condition to be admitted into long term housing facilities. A social worker should be assigned for the person to gauge when to offer those services. It takes time for a person who has been on the streets to adjust to being in a house, sleeping in a real bed and being able to take showers. Some may require detoxification from drugs or alcohol and I think that this is the most important step to take if a person is serious about seeking help getting off the street.

The third issue is reducing term limits for Congress and any other state and federal offices in these categories. My concern is that most of these people, who have forgotten that they are public servants, have lost touch with the needs of us as citizens. Many of the current politicians have been serving for decades, they have become very wealthy through both their salaries and contributions from lobbyists that do not meet the people’s needs. The other issue that I hope is addressed after this election is the fact that Congress cannot go on break in the middle of discussing issues for the wellbeing of the people because they cannot reach an agreement. I think that the law/regulation or other should be rewritten to reflect that they cannot stop discussions for any reason until they have reached an agreement in the best interest us the citizens of this country.

My last issue is preserving Roe v. Wade. Although many people believe that all embryos have a right to be born, I hear no talk from them about how they will ensure a decent quality of life for these righteously born babies. As a single mother of four, I can speak about the fathers working under the table so that they don’t pay child support, applying for public benefits, working low paying jobs, living in run down places, using our very slow bus systems with a stroller, a back pack, and 3 toddlers, and the list goes on. It was depressing, demoralizing and I was always on edge. My oldest daughter went through hell and it was no fault of her’s at all. I am hoping that places like Planned Parenthood continue to teach and provide the services that they do. I hope that the schools continue to teach sex education to their students. I hope that women who are not ready to have babies are able to have abortions.