Election Student Opinion Series – Why This Election Matters

Mt. SAC students sound off on the election, the issues that matter, and why voting is important


Graphic by Monica Inouye/SAC.Media.

I voted in this election because I wondered about how this decision will affect me as an adult in America. Growing up, I remember watching elections and how deeply it would impact the people around me and  their thoughts and opinions about the main person in power. I never liked the idea of voting because I never felt like it made a difference and every person around me speaks about the things, both the good and the bad, that the people that we call our presidents do for our country – but I could never see it happening. I don’t know if that makes sense, but maybe it’s because I was so young that I could never physically see any changes being made no matter the person who had been put into power. I’d still go through my day to day like everybody else almost like our president never existed.

But as I got older and social media became a forefront for me, I started to see the true problems with America; the things that needed to be fixed and changed and the fight that the people around me are going through to see if there can be a difference made. An example that comes to my mind is when Bernie Sanders stated that he’d erase student debt and make college free for all. As a college student, that sounded amazing and a dream come true, but then I would sit and think about if that promise would actually be kept and how it may affect America as a whole. Would it really be that easy? What will it mean for our economy? How will America look? Will it prosper or will it crumble? I began to look at America and both sides of the situation that we have to put ourselves through and then I finally decided that if I don’t do something, then nothing will change. I sought out change as a child and as an adult with the ability to make change happen is what encouraged me to vote. It won’t completely change America in a night, but it is one step closer to that change that I’ve been seeking for almost my entire life.