Shame on You for Voting for Trump

This president is an embarrassment to our country


Cartoon by Joshua Ayon

The year 2020 has been a rollercoaster, for not only me, but the entire world. Starting the supposedly special year 2020 on such a high note to now find ourselves in a global pandemic that is out of control is the worst. Our country, “the land of the free,” hasn’t felt so free to many of us. The election of 2020, Trump vs. Biden, has been called one of the most important elections in our times, and  not in a good way. From 2016 to 2020 the man I refuse to call president was elected for four long years.

Personally, I was ashamed to have him as the president of our amazing country. People say he did good for our economy and helped us financially but I have a completely different take on his role as president. Trump has embarrassed us as Americans, dismissed  racism in our country, kept families separated, attempted to take away the Affordable Care Act, was impeached, mishandled COVID-19…the list goes on.

It amazes me that people even support him. Trump will forever go down in history as the most controversial and embarrassing president ever. This election was important to me because as a young lady and a proud Hispanic I was saddened for the last four years of how horrible just a person Trump is. Even thinking that he might get reelected upset my stomach. The way he spoke about women, viewed Hispanics, and civil and  human rights is horrendous. He took away America and made us separate from each other.

The president is supposed to be a leader and mentor to all. It is my right to vote and I am entitled to my opinion just like everyone else is but if you voted for a president that does not even acknowledge your right as a human being, well shame on you.