OPINION: We Can Wear The Masks and Hate The Maskne

Everyone can agree that “maskne” is very much a real struggle


Cesar E. Gonzalez/ SAC.Media

Senior citizen Cesar Sabino, 66, is wearing his mask with a message–maskne is something that is hard to ignore and cannot be missed. Photo by Cesar Gonzalez/SAC.Media.

Nothing is more annoying than having to wear a mask constantly, nothing except mask-acne or more commonly known as “maskne.” If you’re wondering what maskne is, it’s exactly what you think it is! Wearing a mask for long periods of time causes your skin to become irritated and hypersensitive. Everyone should be more aware of acne and its causes, because how many of us have been a victim to pimples in our lives?

“I hate it! After having a good week then back to wearing a mask for work,” said Pomona resident, Gina Avitu, 31. Avitu is a hairstylist who says that even though she has a good day, she “hates the blackheads and oiliness,” which can easily bring maskne. “I also hate the inflammation along with feeling dirty.”

Long Beach resident Bridgette Delome, 29, says she didn’t start experiencing really bad acne until she began using birth control. According to Delome, one of the most annoying things about macne is, “getting it in spots you’ve never gotten it before outside T-zone.” She also said that wearing a mask for long periods of time (more than an hour) in the heat was another big factor. “Going on dates with macne is the most embarrassing thing,” says Delome.

“Two weeks after wearing a mask everyday for work,” is what started causing maskne for La Puente resident Jasmine Madrid, 32. Madrid works in the medical field closely with nurses, doctors and EMT’s. “I don’t wear makeup on the bottom half of my face and I still get breakouts,” said Madrid. The most embarrassing thing about maskne for her is the simple fact that, “it does not go away!”

“My lips started peeling and I got eczema all around my mouth,” said Las Vegas resident Brandee Perrera, 30. “Took about two months to heal!” she said.

“Never had it,” said Eastvale resident, Tasha Oei. “I’m switching these masks out everyday!”

“Maskne? Hot breath trapped breeding ground for clogged pores ,” said Rodan+Fields consultant, Ann Yamamotto. “Don’t wear makeup!”

“The tip of my nose where the mask hits got an enormous horn like zit for weeks,” said Talia Dinwiddie.

Whether you are young, old, male or female, maskne doesn’t have a set target audience. Although wearing a mask has become mandatory, extra breakouts shouldn’t have to be. While some believe a humid and sticky environment caused by a mask around your face creates breakouts, Dermatologist Walter J. Liszewski, MD says otherwise. According to Liszewski, bacteria causes acne to thrive in a face mask leading to mysterious breakouts.
However, the good doctor has provided tips and tricks to combat these annoying pandemic times. If all else fails, just remember that tea tree oil also works wonders as well according to Healthline.

It is probably safe to say we have all suffered from maskne one time or another (at the very least common acne). Unfortunately, it’s a sacrifice needed to ensure our safety. Sure, everyone loves a clear face, but more importantly no one likes being sick, let alone having COVID-19. Let us not forget to pack extra masks for any emergency and remember to throw out old masks–replacing it with another. This sort of awareness should always be proactive because it is, in fact very much real and still among us. So when you’re having an off day and a pimple is waving hello, just remember it beats having the coronavirus. We can all agree on one thing being certain…a clear face is a happy face and a healthy body is a happy body.