3 Artists With Hot New Tracks

With the recent release of new music, this year offers an exciting time to hear from some of your musical favorites


By slgckgc – https://www.flickr.com/photos/slgc/37320928332/, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=65333215

Many artists are taking fans by surprise with unexpected music releases. Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez and Addison Rae have all dropped new music that are must haves for your playlist These artists specifically have released new songs this month that give a fresh and enticing sound that’ll leave you wanting more.

Addison Rae
TikTok star and dancer Addison Rae is now adding singer to her impressive list of endeavors. Rae’s dance-pop song “Obsessed” came out on March 19 and has seen positive feedback since its release. The release of her debut single was unforeseen as there had been no discussion or talk of her taking on such a project.

Twitter user @softsmileyy shared how she didn’t expect Addison Rae’s song to sound as good as it does.


Rae’s surprise debut single “Obsessed” highlights the relationship she has with herself. The sound of the song is on brand with the TikTok star and comes together nicely with the visuals in the music video. The song is catchy and will have you singing and dancing with your friends in the car with the windows down. “Rae’s song “Obsessed” naturally will be stuck in your head and will become your theme song to remind you to love yourself. Youthful energy radiates and invades your body making you want to dance. It’ll be interesting to see what is next for her music in the coming months as this teaser of hers caught many people’s attention. It wouldn’t be a surprise if more people become obsessed with her upcoming music career.

Bruno Mars
Well known singer Bruno Mars recently came out with the song “Leave The Door Open.” There hasn’t been much discussion about Mars in recent years as he’s kept a low profile during his hiatus. His song was released earlier this month and is a little taste of what is to come as he announced a debut album that fans can expect to hit the market soon.

For Mars his song exudes a sensual energy that stylistically is familiar to some of his old songs. It has an old contemporary R&B sound that unwaveringly brings everything together to create a soulful vibe. This song will have you reminiscing about the 70s, so anyone with an old soul will have no problem letting this smooth and effortless song take over their body. The song takes you on a journey that will have you thinking about that special someone in your life. Though a drop from Mars was unexpected it took the world by storm and it is welcomed nonetheless. With more songs on the way be sure to keep Bruno Mars on your radar!

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez is no one new to the music industry, with albums like “Revival” and “Rare” and her new album “Revelación” adds to an already impressive portfolio. But the surprise element that comes with the news of her album’s release is that it’s all in spanish. Gomez’s EP “Revelación” was released on March 12. Gomez trying to take on such a task of singing Spanish music in her music career is no surprise being that she has shared that she is proud of her culture. For fans many have probably contemplated the possibility of Gomez tackling Spanish music and now their wishes are finally being answered.

Entonces, we were all surprised when we had to switch to Spanish when we started listening to the album at “De Una Ves.” After you get into the groove it soon has you swinging your hips to the beat by the time you’re listening to “Baile Conmigo.” The exotic sound is different from where she started and definitely an improvement. It has her signature sound with a twist that flows between your ears like silk, and leaves you waiting for more by the time you finish at “Selfish Love.”

As artists have been releasing new music lately the sounds that they produce have the ability to make you feel. If that feeling is energetic, intoxicated or nostalgic, having the ability to feel makes us alive. Whether these artists are trying to break into the industry, trying to make a comeback or are trying something new within their music career, you should be on the lookout for their names and music.