OPINION: Time To Pay Our Workers A Fair Wage

We’ve exploited our workers for far too long.


The working class is oppressed and being exploited by the wealthy for profit. Profit is theft, and let me tell you why.
How do you get your iPhone? How does that device end up in your hand? Through labor. Someone had to mine the materials that make up your phone. Someone turned those mined materials into the components that make up the iPhone. Someone had to assemble that iPhone, and finally, someone had to sell you that iPhone.
You wouldn’t have gotten that phone without the hard work of the workers that put their time into getting that phone in your hand. So why do the same people that work these jobs, be given so little of the profit that they helped create? Most of the profit made from these companies is from the work of the proletariat. The CEOs of these giant corporations collect most of the profit from the workers. Without them they would have nothing, and these businesses would go broke immediately if everyone quit.
So why are these workers being paid so little and treated with no respect whatsoever? These are the people that make our lives easier every day. We need to not only treat them better, but pay them their worth. They are worth much more than a $15 minimum wage. To properly be able to live in our day and age, we need to raise the minimum wage high enough so that workers can support themselves properly and not have to work back-breaking hours at all three of their jobs.
It’s time to stop this injustice and finally pay our workers their worth.