Undeserving Men Hoard Perfect Women

If you’re not ready for a relationship just say that and leave.


Image from Max Pixel under Creative Commons

There is nothing worse than when a man pursues a woman that he is in absolutely no way, shape or form ready to successfully commit to. There are certain women that come around only once in a man’s life. The kind of woman that is enigmatic, lively and beautiful. She gets along with your friends, she drinks beer, the family loves her, she is smart and funny—and not in an “oh she’s funny for a girl” kind of funny, but an actual good sense of humor—she is loving, and warm and all of the good things a man wants in a woman.

However, he has found her too soon in his life, because he is at the point in life where he is nothing short of a blubbering idiot that can barely string together two brain cells to make it to his job; but she loves this oaf. She finds all of the positive qualities about him and decides that this is who she is going to invest in. She goes above and beyond and puts her all into the relationship. Like it or not almost all men require a project initiative by their girlfriends.

Men truly need a guiding womanly hand because without the feminine touch the other species is truly a lost cause. So, this man sees all of the wonderful things that this charismatic woman can do for him and the way she makes him feel. Even though he knows that she is far too good for him, he selfishly continues to make her fall in love. This pursuit seems fruitful in the beginning because he creates an almost believable façade. She can see that there is still work to be done, but he hides the true ugliness of his character until it is too late. Until she is entirely too attached.

Even though he knows he is not entirely ready to commit to ANY relationship he decides he will loosely commit to her. The reason being is that he understands he will never meet another. So, he must lock her down before another guy notices how terribly wonderful she is until this man is ready to act accordingly. While he has her, he continues his philandering. This continues simply for the fact that he is at a point in his life where he can really only think with his much smaller head instead of the one atop his shoulders. Suffice it to say, the relationship does not work out in the end because the young woman realizes her worth and retreats back to the dating pool. Once this happens the man realizes what he once had and how he did not appreciate what was right in front of him.

It is a tale as old as time, but still it upsets me. It upsets me that people can be so selfish and hoard a good person simply because they cannot stand the thought of them with someone else, and not because they know they are a good partner for the other.