Mountie Football Dominates Scoreless Monarchs

An Explosive First Quarter by The Mounties Leads to a Major Blowout


Mychal Corbin / SAC.Media

Mt. SAC Football run onto field for a game.

The Mt. SAC Mounties took on Los Angeles Valley College Monarchs starting off the 2021 season in their first game since the pandemic began. They went in with the goal of making a statement after having last season canceled due to COVID-19.

The game started off early in the first quarter with a major 65-yard drive by the Mounties that ultimately led to a rushing touchdown by running back Keoua Kauni. This was just the beginning of what would be an offensive barrage by the Mounties in the first quarter.

The Mounties would continue to bombard the Monarchs with drive after drive of dominant rushes and calculated passes. After just over six minutes of play, the Mounties would come out with a decisive 21-0 lead.

This offensive outburst would cause the Monarchs to call a timeout in an attempt to regroup after being completely caught off guard by the Mounties red hot offense. The Monarchs would return with consecutive first downs to show some life in their offense, but the Mounties defense would shut down LA Valley and force a fumble that Mt. SAC recovered.

The Mounties then continued their offensive dominance by converting the recovered fumble into a 32-yard touchdown by wide receiver Jawon Richards. After the defense held the Monarchs to a punt, the Mountie rushing attack pushed the ball deep downfield before running back Nicholas Floyd capped off the high scoring quarter with a 34-yard rushing touchdown.

The first quarter ended at a strong 42-0 Mounties.

As the Mounties offense solidified a commanding lead, the defense disrupted anything that the Monarchs offense offered. The Mounties defense would come out with three forced and recovered fumbles, three devastating sacks and one interception as the Mounties cruised through the rest of the game.

They scored another nine points in the second quarter and another touchdown in the third quarter to enter the fourth up 58-0. They finished off even stronger by adding 14 more points on the board.

As their first game back after over a year and a half, they dominated with an astounding 72-0 final score, a strong first showing for the South Coast Conference. Totaling 183 yards on their aerial attack and 343 yards in their ground game, the Mounties dominated the Monarchs with 471 yards of total offense. Compared to the Monarch’s 49 total offensive yards, with a passing game of 69 yards and a loss of 20 yards on the ground, it was a blowout.

Their next challenger, the Saddleback Bobcats, also holds a 1-0 record and have come off a decisive victory, of 58-12 over the Glendale Vaqueros.

Since the Bobcats pulled 293 yards on the ground and also had six of their touchdowns coming from the ground game, the Mountie defense will need to maintain its momentum against the Bobcats on Sept. 11.