The End of Abortion Rights Has Arrived

With every decision made, we are being stripped of our freedom

Roe v. Wade has officially been struck down by the Supreme Court. There are no words to describe the shock and anger that this decision has caused. In a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in a historic move that officially ended safe abortion.

Once again, women have been disregarded as nothing more than a baby making machine. Objects used to create and carry life. Women are more than just a body capable of creating and forming life. Forcing women to rely on backdoor illegal abortions is not the answer either.

Some women can’t afford to care for a child and they shouldn’t have to. This isn’t a pro-life or pro-choice decision, this is a decision that a woman has to make solely on her own. Her body, her choice.

Politics should have never even been enforced on women’s bodies. The last thing any woman wants or needs is a man or woman in power dictating what a woman should do with her own body.

We need to understand that abortions does not necessarily mean terminating a pregnancy. The topic alone is a difficult decision faced by many women who have no other choice. Making abortions illegal will just result in a spike in more complications in women’s health.

Today’s ruling is just the beginning. If the Supreme Court has decided to overturn and end a historic ruling which has been around for 50 years, what is stopping them from coming after gay marriage, iterracial marriage or other historic rulings such as Brown v. Board of Education.

A Supreme Court that is willing to overturn years of historic rulings is one that is also capable of stripping women of basic rights.

While we knew the decision was coming, thanks to a leak earlier this month, it has not stopped the shock and anger coursing through many women. This has also sparked fear and worry among many.

With this decision, women and young girls who are raped will be forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy. Women are literally in danger of having to carry a pregnancy which can pose a health risk to the mother at any time.

A pregnancy does not always mean a woman will have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Once again being pro-abortion does not mean that someone supports the idea of killing a child just because.

Being pro-abortion means having the right to safely terminate a pregancy if the pregnancy poses a serious health risk, it also entitles a woman who cannot financially support a child to have the right to end a pregnancy and should always provide a woman to end a pregnancy in cases of rape.

Forcing women to give birth to the rapist’s child should not be an option. Women are not and were not born to breed or be treated as livestock in order to continue the human population. A woman’s decision to keep or terminate a pregnancy is hers alone.

We should not punish, criticize or judge any woman for choosing to end her pregnancy. Politics and religion should always be kept out when making decisions regarding women in general.

Women have always been punished and shamed in one form or another. It’s time to end that.

The decision alone doesn’t just affect women, transgender women will also be affected in today’s ruling. Every single person will face an impact on today’s decision.

When we strip and prevent women from receiving basic human health care, are we really putting a child’s well being first? No. we are not.

The Supreme Court is acting based on personal opinions which has influenced their decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. It’s time we made decisions solely based on the well-being or the general public and not based on influences based on personal thoughts and feelings.

If the Supreme Court wants to make decisions based on religion and personal views, then I’d say the next thing that should be thrown out is religion. If our government is going to make decisions based on personal opinions and religion, then it’s time we set religion and personal thoughts aside and let the majority of the people decide how they should dictate their lives.