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A Student Publication of Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA


A Student Publication of Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA


Most elevators at Mt. SAC operate with expired permits

Many Southern California schools are behind in their upkeep of current permits
Gil Mata
Elevator at building 26D still operates despite not having an up-to-date permit like many others across Southern California.

Elevators across the campus with expired permits, ranging from a few months to a few years, have been operating with little regard, adding another cause for concern regarding campus safety.

Most permits were out of date making them a violation to operate.

According to California Code of Regulations Title 8 §3001 (c) “No elevator shall be operated without a valid, current permit issued.”

Despite the violation, many elevators are still operating, potentially posing a safety hazard to students, faculty and staff. Furthermore, Mt. SAC offers a digital map that shows publicly accessible elevators, with only 31 out of 37 of the student-accessible elevators being up to code with CCR standards.

Assistant Director of Facility Planning and Management Bill Asher said that 33 elevators are operating with expired permits. “The question of who’s in charge of updating the permits, [is an] in-house electrician or [a] Schindler, service technician,” Asher said.

Schindler is an elevator service company.

In a call with the San Bernardino District Office for the Department of Industrial Relations, the district said that they, as well as San Diego District, were aware they are behind on permit issues and inspections.

“This has been business as usual for years, the state knows their behind,” Asher said. “The state has not cited us for using elevators out of permit because they know it’s their fault.”

Unpermitted elevators may be a broader issue across California, making Mt. SAC one of many schools behind on updating permits.

A list of the buildings with expired permits for their elevators is as follows: 26d(2), 410(2), 9e(1), 9b(2), 6(1), 4(1), 61(1), 7(1), 60(1), 13(1), 12c(2), 77(1), 78(3), 67(1), 80(1), 28b(1), 890(3), 730(1), 742(3), 720(2).


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