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Opinion: YouTube Music is the ultimate music streaming app for music enthusiasts

It is not even close
Alex Ruiz
YouTube Music is the best music streaming service on the market.

Forget Spotify and Apple Music. YouTube Music is the superior streaming service on the market with a one-of-a-kind experience that is best for everyone.

The platform gives users the largest variety and way to enjoy their tunes that no other service on the market provides. YouTube hosts the largest catalog of music and videos on the internet. It holds songs of a plethora of artists while also providing remixes and covers remixed online that others enjoy.

Since music is a form of art, everyone has their own preferences and way of enjoying it. The vast and seemingly infinite variety is what sets YouTube Music apart from the rest of the competition – it caters to all music tastes and makes it easier to discover new music.

One of those features is a personalized playlist the app constructs based on your music search history, preferences and related artists. This playlist is full of songs from artists that YouTube believes you will love, along with mixes of some songs. Small updates are made regularly so that the list does not get stale.

“What I like most about it is that there is so much to choose from and you can find what version of a song you like,” said Amanda Simpson, a 19-year-old Mt. SAC student.

Simpson used to be a Spotify subscriber but found that it was not the best way to listen to her tunes. She switched to YouTube Music after getting a free trial at the start of the Fall semester and has stayed with the platform today.

“I’d recommend it to all college students since it’s got all the same features as the other music apps and it’s so easy to use. It’s got any version of a song that’s on YouTube and I personally enjoy that like a lot,” said Simpson.

According to the Google Play Store, YouTube Music has over one billion downloads. On the Apple App Store, the app is ranked as the second most popular Music app behind Spotify.

Like its contemporary streaming apps, the price of YouTube Music is $10.99 a month and also provides a discount for college students. You get to listen to ad-free music and download music for offline use. You can also view songs and podcasts in their normal streaming form or the audio straight from the music video.

“Some songs sound better in their music video form for me, some people may disagree but that’s what I like sometimes,” said Simpson.

One music video song she mentioned her preference of was “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. It became the hit song of 2020 but Simpson enjoys a different version of the song instead of the one available on all streaming platforms.

“The car sounds and slower parts of the song during the video make it my favorite version and I’m sure you can’t find that on Spotify or other apps,” she said.

Surely enough, you can’t find the music video version of the song on Spotify or Apple Music. You’re locked to the version the artist puts on their feed or hope they upload different versions of the song that give another vibe to music.

With YouTube Music, you’re free to indulge your favorite version of the song that’s on the largest vault of media on the internet. From exclusive content to live performances, only YouTube Music has easy accessibility to any version of a song.

“You should have different remixes of songs available and have these options out there instead of only having to listen to just one version of a song all the time,” said Simpson.

One of the best parts of your “music journey” is discovering new songs and exploring new genres of music. We all get tired of the same old songs and will journey looking for that song that captures our emotions.

With Google’s algorithm, YouTube Music is the ideal service to bump into new tracks to add to your rotation of songs. Google has thought out and developed the algorithm to help discover new music on the app through its“Mix” playlist for every genre or mood.

“I do like that nearly most of the new songs I find are from recommended playlists or like from the radio option they give you,” said Simpson. “Most songs on there are pretty good and also give you something new to listen to that probably you’ll add to the playlist.”

YouTube Music holds a larger catalog of songs for you to discover and listen to daily. Having these options is what makes the app the perfect choice to cultivate your music taste and journey. To fully enjoy songs and find the most variety of tracks, YouTube Music holds a monumental lead over the rest of the competition in that regard.

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Alex Ruiz
Alex Ruiz, Multimedia Editor
Alex Ruiz is the Multimedia Editor. He has been invested in journalism and covering stories since enrolling in Mt. SAC in 2021. He likes covering sports and sharing his opinions. He also runs his own newsletter covering the LA Galaxy, The Galactic Tribune. He also has a cool cat.

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