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Boca Aladdin Jr. – family-owned business straight from the heart

Mediterranean cuisine: flavors of the sun
Jadyn Cabrera
Inside of the Boca Aladdin Jr. is the main service counter and menu.

From tender beef to juicy chicken kabobs, savory beef shawarmas to other delicious dishes, Boca Aladdin Jr. is serving mouthwatering meals full of flavorful spices at their new location in Covina, California.

Boca Aladdin Jr. is a family-owned restaurant serving Mediterranean food to the LA County community for over 20 years. The original location is located in Claremont. The business expanded a second location in San Gabriel Valley and is a mere 20-minute drive from Mt. SAC, conveniently positioned off Arrow Highway and Azusa Avenue in proximity to an AMC theater.

Owner Cal Hallk explained their new location is an exciting opportunity for him and his wife because the surrounding restaurants are mostly Hispanic food. Hallk sees an opportunity to expand and capitalize on the uncontested market of customers.

He was enthusiastic when talking about serving different but authentic Mediterranean food to the city. Compared to the Claremont location, there will be a different crowd of customers eating here that Boca is looking forward to serving.

Opened on Nov. 7 of this year, Boca Aladdin Jr. owners and cooks are experimenting with the menu to make sure there is a dish that serves everyone’s taste buds.

Prices for entrees range from $12.99 for a falafel to $28.99 for a duet kabob. All entrees are served with basmati rice, grilled veggies, pita bread and their homemade hummus. Appetizers vary between $3.50 $8.99 while the beef, chicken and lamb shawarmas are all priced at $12.99.


Served with basmati rice and grilled vegetables, the Beef Kabob Plate comes with two tender beef filet mignon/kafta grilled on a skewer. (Jadyn Cabrera)


Boca Aladdin Jr. also offers nutritious alternatives that not only curb hunger but leave you feeling satisfied without any regrets after indulging in the dish. Customers can enjoy popular healthy entrees such as chicken shawarmas which include slices of chicken, tomatoes, lettuce and house-made tahini sauce.

Darathy Chheang, the manager at the neighboring Cold Stone Creamery, is a frequent customer at Boca. His favorite items there are the chicken kabobs and the lamb gyro. He loves how well the meat is seasoned.

“The chicken is really juicy,” Chheang said. “I am used to having chicken on the drier side when it comes to Mediterranean food.”

He added that his favorite thing about Boca is the portion sizes for the entrees. Cheang suggested sharing these meals because it can be a lot for one person. Although the new location is located at a very well-known shopping center for locals to go to during the week, Chheang explained that the location is a gamble based on the hidden aspect of the location.

“When new movies are released, they will definitely get more sales,” Chheang said. “Also, during the holidays, when people are on break and trying something new. I will be recommending this spot to them.”


At Boca Aladdin Jr., every staff member greets customers with a warm smile as they walk in. The restaurant not only wants their customers to have an amazing experience while enjoying their savoring dishes, but they also want their guests to go home and remember the interactions they had with the staff.

“The staff was friendly, (it was) clean, and well organized, even though they are still figuring everything out,” customer Selissa Hernandez said. “They were very welcoming and all smiles when I walked in. The gentleman that helped me out was answering any questions I had about their menu or how their food was, I always appreciate that when it is my first time somewhere.”

The family-owned restaurant prides itself in its attentive service, high-quality fresh ingredients and award-winning flavors with a dish everyone in the family will enjoy.

Boca Aladdin Jr. is open Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. located at 1404 N. Azusa Ave.

“I recommend adding their garlic paste,” Cheang suggests. “Because it is made in the house and adds an extra aroma to your food.”

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