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Apple is leading the war against socializing

Apple’s new Vision Pro is inching human interaction near extinction.
Anthony Solorzano
Illustration by Anthony Solorzano

How long before society leaves the real world to live in a digital universe that obstructs what’s in front of them with a digital computer that puts human interaction at an extinction level?

With the release of the Vision Pro on Feb. 2, Apple has inched humanity closer to the downfall of human interaction. Apple’s new headsets resemble any specs from a film taking place in the future or modern-day snowboarding gear function as a portable computer that mixes reality with a spatial computer.

Society is one step closer to turning its part-time screen intake into a full-time hobby like the humans in Pixar’s “Wall-E.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, a projected 160,000-180,000 Vision Pro units were sold. Apple has not released the exact total.

The Atlantic recently reported that from 2003 to 2022 America has reduced its socializing by a significant amount: men reduced their face-to-face socializing by 30%, unmarried Americans reduced it by more than 35%and teenagers between 15-19 reduced their weekly hangouts by more than three hours a week.

Pretty soon the quirkiness of human interaction will be reduced to memes and TikTok videos reminiscing of the not-so-distant past.

No longer will humans have awkward interactions with another person where they compliment your command of the English language, not knowing you were born and raised in the States. Say goodbye to unintentionally calling a person “Precious” because they resemble the character from the 2009 cinematic adaptation of the novel. Au revoir to taking a picture with an actor from your favorite show and they notice you Googled them seconds before when you took your phone out to take the picture.

All of these interactions will be minimized to a stupid meme that people will hit the ‘like’ button as they doom scroll the internet. Like the humans in “Wall-E’,” Apple has made it possible for society to be a generation away from living in front of a screen. With the Vision Pro out in the world, anyone can disconnect from reality anywhere they may find themselves a part of.

The world may end but the human race will be distracted by the amount of memes that come out of the geriatric presidential sequel nobody but Bengay wants.

A study by Stanford Medicine in 2014 showed that a lack of social connection impacts health more than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure. Meanwhile, a strong social connection can benefit longevity, strengthen the immune system and help recover from disease faster.

The effects of disconnecting from human interaction can be displayed by the fat humans moving around on a hoverboard in “Wall-E.” Everything they need is in front of them. Assuming the rest of mankind in “Wall-E” is dead based on this logic is a safe bet.

With the constant growth of technology and society’s obsession with disconnecting, the human race must take Pixar’s masterpiece “Wall-E” and learn from the movie’s human mistakes.

Society must learn from the woman who didn’t know there was a pool in the spaceship until there was a malfunction on her screen. Take your eyes off the screen and basque in the beauty of global warming, war and bad drivers during the rainy season.

As annoying as humans can be they have a purpose. As much as you hate that co-worker of yours who’s blaming his loss of hair on the NFL going woke, don’t avoid them. They’re saving your life, one conspiracy theory at a time.

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Anthony Solorzano, Opinions Editor
Anthony Solorzano is the Opinions Editor. He has been pursuing journalism since he realized he hated his job. Anthony loves to tell stories using humor. He finds pop culture to be the truest form of pretentious art.

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