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A Student Publication of Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA


A Student Publication of Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA


Opinion— College is a waste of money

Anthony Solorzano
Photo Illustration by Anthony Solorzano

Attending university after high school graduation is an awful choice as it sets students up for financial failure, leaving thousands in debt and many more unfulfilled with little to show for it.

Earning a bachelor’s degree usually takes four years but it doesn’t guarantee job security to the graduate. Trade schools however prepare students for the workforce, which allows young adults to make money faster as they gain experience.

Being a college student is not easy. Students end up sacrificing hours of sleep leading to increased anxiety and depression. According to the CDC, 26% of students suffer from insomnia, with an average bedtime of two in the morning.

Additionally, the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry stated in an article about sleep deprivation, “Poor or insufficient sleep has been found to increase negative emotional responses to stressors and to decrease positive emotions.”

Mental health is not a student’s only worry. Most students take about 20 years to pay off their student loans.

Education Data Initiative stated that the average student pays $32,000 to get a bachelor’s degree, which is a ridiculous amount of debt for the graduate to “start their life” with.

Pushing college to young adults should be labeled as abuse. It’s not legal for a 17-year-old to get a tattoo, let alone decide to take on thousands of dollars of debt.

Community college on the other hand is a cost-effective option that students should choose instead. Junior college is a good place to grow as a student and prepare for the challenges that come with a four-year college.

“Only 12% of all community college credit students take out Direct Loans,” Community College Daily stated.

Community college is not only cheaper but it allows students to get a feel for higher education in a way that no high school counselor could. With the average price per unit being about $46, community colleges let students choose their path by offering diverse programs.

Ultimately, secondary education is a business and the brand-name colleges need to make money. Four-year colleges are advertised as the “start of your life” when in reality they set students years behind.

The reality is that students can make comparable amounts of money in different fields. College is not only wasting your money but your time.

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Anthony Solorzano, Opinions Editor
Anthony Solorzano is the Opinions Editor. He has been pursuing journalism since he realized he hated his job. Anthony loves to tell stories using humor. He finds pop culture to be the truest form of pretentious art.

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