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Five movies to catch this hot summer

Sequels remain king of the summer, let’s hope they’re worth the money.
Illustration by Anthony Solorzano

During the summer, movie theaters are a perfect place to pass the time regardless of your age.

Whether you want to celebrate not having schoolwork responsibilities, going out on a date night or trying to avoid the heat, there’s a movie for you. Grab your favorite concession stand, sneak in your favorite snack and enjoy the dazzling images on a silver screen. Here are five movies to catch this summer.



“Inside Out 2,” in theaters June 14


Some of Pixar’s best films relate to the adults in the audience. They bring families together through storytelling that manages to remind the spectators never to forget the child that exists inside everyone.

This summer, Pixar is releasing “Inside Out 2,” a sequel to the coming-of-age film from 2015. The follow-up follows Riley’s emotions handling the newcomers that are introduced as she enters her teenage years. Starring Amy Poehler as Joy, Maya Hawke as Anxiety and Ayo Edebiri as Envy, “Inside Out 2” is sure to entertain everyone in the family while simultaneously connecting adults with their children through a core memory from their teenage years.

It’s the perfect way to start the summer.



“MaXXXine,” in theaters July 5


There’s nothing more American than a slasher film in the middle of a summer. Sneaking into a rated R slasher is a right of passage for any American. Of course, sneaking into theaters isn’t as easy as it was before but slasher films still remain a staple of the season.

This summer, Ti West’s “X” trilogy will come to an end with “MaXXXine.” In the third and final installment of his trilogy, West brings his mix of campiness, social commentary and kills to the 80’s Hollywood era. Starring Mia Goth, the new scream queen of the genre, “MaXXXine” looks bloody. The film drops the story in the middle of LA during the haunt for the Night Stalker with a cast consisting of Kevin Bacon, Giancarlo Esposito and Lily Collins.

As the meme once said, “TAKE MY MONEY!”



“Deadpool & Wolverine,” in theaters July 26


How weird, it’s the summer of 2024 and Marvel only has one film slated to be released? My, how the mighty have fallen.

The cinematic Marvel Universe isn’t the same since the Avengers destroyed Thanos and Iron Man sacrificed himself for an Oscar. Since “Avengers: Endgame,” things haven’t been the same for Disney’s money maker. The villain for the next phase turned out to be an actual villain and the plans were all scrambled.

The fate of the Marvel cinematic universe falls on the bad-mouth-anti-hero and the introduction of the X-Men into Disney’s canon. The trailer is filled with anti-Disney propaganda and an old friend cursing on screen for the first time.

Long story short, “Let’s fucking go!”



“Trap,” in theaters August 9


It is 2024 and I still have faith in M. Night Shyamalan. This is not based on his track record itself, but the trailer of his new thriller, “Trap.”

The film stars Josh Hartnett as Cooper, an involved dad who’s taking his teenage daughter to a pop-star’s concert. Simple set-up, right? Well, it turns out the concert is a trap set up by the police to capture the serial killer haunting the city, the Butcher, AKA Cooper himself. WHAT!

The trailer gives the audience the signature M. Night twist in the trailer? You used to be different, M. Night! But I’m not going to lie, you did it again. I am hooked. This film looks thrilling and has the audience in a moral conundrum of rooting for a serial killer or not?

Spoiler alert, I’m rooting for Hartnett and M. Night.



“Blink Twice,” in theaters August 23

This movie was previously titled, “Pussy Island.” I was in then and I am in now.

The film is Zoe Kravitz’s directorial debut and stars her boyfriend Channing Tatum. It follows a waitress as she becomes obsessed with a tech mogul and follows him to his private island. Once on the island, weird things start to happen to her and her friends. In a world post-Jeffrey Epstein, the film’s story seems vaguely similar to reality with a hint of psychological-thriller tropes to make it more interesting.

As a debut, the film’s concept seems like a big swing by Kravitz, but any young filmmaker should take the chances early into their career. Especially if a studio as huge as Amazon MGM is paying for it. It seems like Kravitz isn’t afraid to take chances, I’m rooting for her.

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