Graphic by Isaac Le/ SAC.Media

Growing Up With Spanish Speaking Parents

Vanessa Feliciano, Somos Editor June 8, 2021

You do the paperwork, make the phone calls, checkout at the grocery store—all just to make life a little simpler. Growing up with parents who don’t speak English very well can be hard for a child....

Graphic by Isaac Le/ SAC.Media

10 Spanish Words with Different Meanings

Vanessa Feliciano, Campus Features Editor March 5, 2021

Spanish is a love language, but what happens when those words overlap and mean different things? Latin America includes over 30 countries between North America, South America and the Carribean. Each country...

Graphic by Esmeralda Torres/ SAC.Media

Your Favorite Spanish Sayings Make No Sense in English

Esmeralda Torres, Somos Editor October 20, 2020

If you’ve grown up in a Spanish speaking household, you know that a ton of phrases in Spanish have the strangest translations in English. We’re going to point out some of the strangest ones that literally...

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