10 Cal State Long Beach Students in Self-Quarantine

Students and advisers of Cal State Long Beach were possibly exposed to the coronavirus, prompting them into self-isolation


Photo courtesy of Wikipidia Commons.

According to Whittier Daily News, 10 students and two community-member club advisers at Cal State Long Beach, known as CSULB, are in self-quarantine after attending an event in Washington D.C. where three other attendees tested positive for COVID-19. According to the Cal State Long Beach website, there has not been any confirmed cases on campus, though they are taking precautions and are closely monitoring the health of the people in self-quarantine.

In accordance to a California State University email, which read that “it might become necessary for campus leadership to consider temporary reduction or alteration to campus operations or campus closure,” CSULB created the Academic Continuity Plan. The plan would allow students to take their courses in an alternative way should they need to be away from the campus in short notice.

The Academic Continuity Plan allows students and instructors to engage in a video conference as opposed to attending a class face-to-face.

In a press conference, Long Beach health officials stated that they do not recommend the closure of any schools after three people in the city tested positive for COVID-19. Two people were on a cruise in Egypt and one was in Northern California when they contracted the disease. These three cases bring the total number of confirmed cases to 19 in Los Angeles County.

City Health Officer Dr. Anissa Davis said in a press conference that “it’s important to note that Long Beach is preparing aggressively and that we understand that this is a very serious global health crisis.”