The New Switch: To Wait or Not to Wait?

Rumors of a new Switch release are looking more apparent as the console war between Sony and Microsoft heats up for the holidays


Photo by turkgamecom on Flickr.

Ever since this pandemic started and people had more time to play video games, the Nintendo Switch has been in high demand. Many people scrambled to buy one. Some got lucky, many did not. The release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons only heightened the demand and raised the price for the Switch. The prices of a Switch on eBay and Amazon are well over the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $299.99. Although it has been months after the game’s official release, there is still a shortage for the handheld console.
But those still seeking one might want to hold on; especially after a rumor had surfaced that a new version of the Nintendo Switch is coming along early 2021.
According to Bloomberg, Nintendo is looking to equip the next Switch with 4k graphics and more processing power. Another insight from IGN suggests the new Switch will be more interactive. This could possibly mean enhancements on the Joy-Con.
There is also some speculation as to why Nintendo is not releasing the new Switch this year. Instead, it will be as early as the first quarter of 2021 because both Sony and Microsoft announced their plans to release their next-gen console, the PS5, and Xbox X, this holiday season.
Regardless of when Nintendo will make their next Switch available, it will most likely come with some hit gaming titles such as the sequel of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that has been announced without a release date. Breath of the wild was released with the original Switch in 2017.
Gamers who really want a switch now and have more than a few coins to spare can look online stores such as GameStop for their occasional release of Switch bundles.