Meet the Latina Owned Beauty Brand

This Loteria Inspired Eye Shadow Palette won’t stop you from screaming, “¡Ay Guey!”


As we continue to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, one of the best ways to celebrate is to support small businesses. Among their ranks is small business owner Isabel Plascencia, 29, owner and founder of Ay Guey Cosmetics.

The beauty brand emerged last year, and made a splash with its first launch, the Loteria palette, an ode to Plascencia playing Loteria with her grandparents and cousins every Sunday.

The names of each eyeshadow are modeled after the different cards within the game set itself, featuring names like “La Rosa,” “El Nopal” and “La Chalupa,” in coordinating colors. All products are cruelty free and vegan.

As for the name of the brand, Ay Guey, she recalls hearing and speaking the term in her Mexican household. It is customarily a slang term heard in Hispanic households meaning “oh man”, or to refer to someone.

“[I] wanted something to honor my heritage. The whole brand is my heritage itself, from the name of the brand to the names of each individual product,” Plascencia said.

Recently, the brand released liquid lipsticks in shades that are also in coordination with her heritage, featuring names such as Latina, Al Rato, Bella and Michelada.

Plascencia notes that, like many young girls, she has always had a love for makeup and beauty. She would take her mom’s makeup as a child, and since then has worn makeup daily.

Last year, after years of wanting to have her own line, Plascencia made moves to bring that idea into fruition. Luckily, she had her husband to assist her in terms of distribution, design, and color choices.

Even her young daughter, Bella, has taken to loving makeup as well. Plascencia said that every time she has her makeup done, Bella wants hers done too. So much so, that the lipstick Bella is named after her daughter, after she didn’t want to put it down.

Plascencia hopes that one day her daughter can take over the brand, saying that, “there are so many Latinas and Latinos out there and I see it as becoming something big. I want my daughter to take over for the company. Building generational wealth is also a main goal for the brand at this point.”

In the coming years, Plascencia wants to take everything step by step. “We want to create the right product. All products have to be cruelty free, have no harsh chemicals, so that our customers are happy. Next, we do want to release a highlighter or eyeliner, but are taking those steps little by little.”

Recently, the brand was featured on Molcajete Shopping Network on Youtube, an online shopping network dedicated to providing small Latinx businesses an opportunity to sell and promote their products.

For more from Ay Guey Cosmetics, check them out on their website and follow @aygueycosmetics on Instagram for updates on their latest products.