10 Latinx Shows You Should Be Watching

10 shows you could be watching right now to socially distant while celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month


As Hispanic Heritage Month approaches, lets celebrate Latinx representation on screen. Data published by the United States Census Bureau states that as of 2019, the Hispanic population in the U.S is over 60 million, a 18.5% of the nation’s total population. With these numbers in mind, it is clear that Latinx representation in television is lacking.

The Baker and The Beauty

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The Baker and The Beauty premiered earlier this year on ABC. It surrounds a middle class Cuban family living in Miami who own a bakery. When eldest son Daniel meets Noa Hamilton, a supermodel, their lives turn upside down. This show is so much fun to watch and while the love story is important, it is the love between the family that really makes the show joyful. There are twists, turns, and plenty of arguments. The cast is mainly Latinx. All in all, the show is a must watch for anyone looking for a fun, heartwarming show. The trailer can be found on YouTube. All episodes are streaming on Hulu.

Grand Hotel

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Grand Hotel premiered last summer, and was produced by American actress, producer, director, activist, and businesswoman Eva Longoria. This show also surrounds a Cuban family living in Miami, who own Miami Beach Hotel. When a mysterious stranger named Danny starts working at the hotel, he searches for clues about the disappearance of his sister who was employed there. While poking around, he realizes that there are many secrets and lies to unravel. In typical telenovela fashion, there is plenty of romance, lies and scandals. The trailer can be found on YouTube. All episodes are streaming on demand on Amazon Prime.

Jane the Virgin

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Jane the Virgin ended its run in 2018 after five tear jerking seasons. The show is about a young woman who is accidentally artificially inseminated after seeing her gynecologist. She lives with her abuela and mother, who always discouraged her from being intimate before marriage. Before Jane knows it, she is pregnant with a man named Rafael’s child, while dating her boyfriend Michael and begins to grow feelings for the married Rafael. Jane the Virgin is filled with love triangles, an estranged father who reappears, and lots of laughs. The trailer can be found on YouTube. All episodes are streaming now on Netflix.

One Day At A Time

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One Day At A Time is about a feisty Cuban woman, who finds herself single. She is a nurse, and before she knows it, she is living back home with her very opinionated mother, Rita. The show revolves around the family adjusting to their new normal, and the struggles of being a teen and growing up. There is a largely Latinx cast, and they explore themes of sexuality, mental health, and culture. Seasons one through three are streaming on Netflix. In 2019, the show was cancelled by Netflix, but was revived the following year. Season four will be airing this October on CBS. The trailer can be found on YouTube.

On My Block

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On My block is about four teens living in Los Angeles in a not-so-great neighborhood. They are surrounded by gangs and violence that has a direct impact on the teens. This all goes on while they are navigating high school, relationships and friendships with one another. Before the teens know it, they are tangled in predicaments related to the gang, all while trying to find a buried treasure that can save them from their grim realities. The show features a diverse cast, and has been critically acclaimed. Seasons one through three are streaming now on Netflix. The trailer can be found on YouTube.

The Expanding Universe Of Ashley Garcia

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This show centers around teenager Ashley Garcia as she moves across the country to live with her uncle because of an opportunity to work at NASA. She is the youngest person working there and navigates the challenges of being a teenager, and a genius,without much knowledge in the boy department. The show is a lot of fun, family friendly and fun to watch. The show is produced by Mario Lopez. Parts one and two are streaming now on Netflix. The trailer can be found on YouTube.

Roswell, New Mexico

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This show is a reimagination of the 1999 show Roswell, and is based on the book “Roswell High” by Melinda Metz. The series surrounds Liz Ortecho, a scientist who moved away from Roswell after her sister Rosa’s death. Her father is an undocumented immigrant who owns a restaurant. When she returns to Roswell, she finds herself drawn to Max Evans, an alien who hides his identity from everyone. The series explores issues of immigration, love, aliens, and drama. Seasons one and two are streaming now on Netflix. The trailer can be found on YouTube.


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This show centers around Mexican-American culture in Los Angeles. The three main characters are cousins who each set out to achieve their dreams, but struggle with their identity. On one hand they have the culture they were raised by and a legacy to uphold by their immigrant ancestors. On the other hand they have an entirely different American culture. The series explores themes of gentrification, family, sexuality, culture and being undocumented. America Ferrera is one of the executive producers. Season one is available for streaming on Netflix. The trailer can be found on on Youtube.

George Lopez

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This show centers around family man George Lopez, and how he navigates being a father, husband and son. It’s the story of a Mexican-American family who encounters many obstacles, and is hilarious while at it, but also touches on some very real issues, such as alcoholism, dyslexia and neglect. All episodes are available for streaming on NBC subscription service Peacock.

Queen Of The South

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This show centers around Teresa, a young woman who falls for the wrong man – a drug dealer. She begins to be hunted by the cartel after her boyfriend’s death. The only way for her to survive is to conquer this world, which is mainly dominated by men. She becomes very entangled in the world of drugs and lies, until becoming the cartel queen- all in the name of survival. Seasons one through four are available for streaming on Netflix. The trailer can be found on YouTube.