OPINION: are Newsom’s Holiday Regulations Over Exaggerated?

Some believe the governor means well, while others call Newsom this year’s party-pooper


Graphic by Isaac Le/SAC.Media

New rules and regulations just weren’t enough for businesses, theaters and restaurants right? Well, Gov. Gavin Newsom slapped us once again with new guidelines he believes will keep us safe celebrating our favorite holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas as we know it are about to change. Newsom quickly became our strict religious parent we all had but never wanted. Yes we get it Miss Rona (nicknamed by Gen Z), you are that one unwanted and uninvited guest who sticks around for the holidays. Like Mariah Carey once said, “I don’t know her.”

This year’s Halloween falls on a Saturday with a full moon, every witches’ dream comes true! Sadly, trick-or-treaters, big bash costume parties, and haunted theme parks will NOT be the same. An upside to this is wearing a mask–because not wearing one would literally be taking the spirit out of Halloween! That being said, partying with masked strangers is no longer considered cool.

While Thanksgiving is a holiday spent with family and huge feasts of food, this year Newsom has given us rules for gathering, making sure that we keep California’s case numbers low. While some are quick to call Newsom a tyrant, others jokingly say this year it’ll be him stealing Christmas (instead of the Grinch). Most have agreed, it’s for our own good.

Before deciding on how to feel about the matter, first a quick review of Newsom’s mandatory requirements. Thou shalt not gather with no more than three households. This means cuts from the guest list, possibly avoiding annoying conversations with family members about your personal life. Another is the responsibility of the host to collect certain information for contact tracing. Rather than collecting names for secret Santa, it’ll be for a possible game of blame. Ho ho ho, oh no no no!

All gatherings must be outside according to Newsom, lasting no more than two hours. Here’s an idea: set a huge timer for two hours, that way family members will know when to leave. Hopefully grandma’s roundtable is big because seating must be six feet apart, and food should be served in single-serving disposable containers. Personally, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea, who doesn’t love taking food to go? Music and singing must all be done while wearing a mask, so humming your favorite Christmas classics will be easy. After all, Christmas without songs is like Santa is without his reindeer…NOTHING.

“I feel like it just doesn’t make any sense to me how California is running,” said Chapman University student, Sara Tabarez, 28. “How are you going to be outside if COVID is airborne?”

Ultimately, it is in your own judgement how one views these requirements, and be fit for one’s own gatherings. Personally speaking, I hardly disagree with measurements to ensure the safety of my own health and those around me. At the end of the day, if you and your family are abiding to the already given requirements of wearing a mask, washing your hands, and staying apart from others…I believe that we should be permitted to celebrate as we please. Remember, 2021 is around the corner and everyone should strive to make sure to see it.