Political Opinions: Why This Election Matters

Mt. SAC students sound off on the election, the issues that matter, and why voting is important.


If I could hope for one change after this election is decided, it would be how the members of each party approached each other.  With my limited knowledge in politics, I personally believe that this election season has been the most divisive that our country has ever seen. With all of the civil unrest that accompanied the elections, I feel that the people of the U.S clung to their political stances more than being open to listening to one another or the opposing side.  I think that the actions of both of these candidates sparked a deep emotion for their opposing parties and those emotions have been something that has both motivated them and shut them off from being able to hold a civilized debate.  I think the ability to debate and have discussions about political stances is what makes our country special and allows us to come together through our differences.  This year, those differences are something that has torn our country apart.

If the people of each party were able to carry a more open mindset when approaching the election, I think that a lot of the political civil unrest could have been avoided.  People are more concerned with making their points made and be heard rather than understanding or being able to hear the other side or perspective.  If that one change was able to happen, we would be able to solve a lot more of our country’s problems rather than making huge political statements that cause an uproar from citizens that mirror the conflict that is happening from the leadership.  The civil unrest is just a result of the refusal to communicate from the top that just trickled down to the people.