let them play

let them play

Cesar Gonzalez, Opinion Editor February 17, 2021

Almost a month after Biden took office, republicans stayed standing by their former president’s side. While most households have taken down their Trump memorabilia and accepted defeat, others are still...

A Trump supporter holds a Trump flag inside the US Capitol Building near the Senate Chamber on January 06, 2021 in Washington, DC when rioters stormed the Capitol.

Pro-Trump Insurrectionists Storm U.S. Capitol

Monica Inouye and Abraham Navarro January 13, 2021

Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill this afternoon disrupting the electoral count to confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s presidential victory. A large maskless group of rioters waving Trump flags and...

Photo by Riley Martinez/SAC.Media.

California Ballot Updates

Christie Yeung and Jaylen Minnich Hall November 14, 2020

California experienced a record number of votes for the general election and it is estimated that 11.2 million ballots were mailed in or dropped off prior to Nov.3. The state finished counting votes for...

Photo by Nick Youngson on

Students Stressed as Election Wears On

Esmeralda Torres, Jesse Espitia, and Vanessa Feliciano November 6, 2020

Following Tuesday's election, viewers nationwide are clinging to their televisions, awaiting results. Battleground states of North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada hang in the balance. The...

Graphic by Amber Ortiz/SAC.Media.

Celebs Who Endorsed Biden

Amber Ortiz, Pop Editor November 5, 2020

This election will be historic, no matter the outcome, in part because we’re living in a global pandemic. Democrats and Republicans have not been more divided. Celebrities who have once decided to stay...

Political Opinions: Why This Election Matters

Political Opinions: Why This Election Matters

Brandon Joh , Staff Reporter November 5, 2020

If I could hope for one change after this election is decided, it would be how the members of each party approached each other.  With my limited knowledge in politics, I personally believe that this...

Graphic by Isaac Le/SAC.Media

OPINION: Trump’s Lies And False Victory

Cesar Gonzalez, Opinion Editor November 5, 2020

Although Election Day has passed Trump had the audacity (yet again), to hold a press conference claiming his victory early Wednesday morning. No doubt that Election Day has most of us on edge, but annoyingly...

Graphic by Monica Inouye/

5 Political Families With Opposite Ideologies

Monica Inouye, Politics Editor November 2, 2020

Family tends to have a large influence on a child’s politics, but it’s not uncommon that children’s ideologies tend to grow more different than their parents as they grow older, and especially when...

Graphic by Monica Inouye/

Prop 16 Restores Affirmative Action

Natalia Chairez and Jennifer Mitchell October 28, 2020

Proposition 16 is on the ballot for California voters in the 2020 general election on Nov. 3. According to the Official Voter Information Guide, Proposition 16 is a California proposition that promotes...

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Prop 17 Restores Rights of Felons

Voters will be making a big decision for the future of former inmates this election season by voting on Proposition 17. Proposition 17, a California measure on the November ballot, would allow convicted...

Graphic courtesy of California Students Vote Project.

What is the California College Ballot Bowl?

Monica Inouye, Politics Editor October 12, 2020

Those who are still not registered to vote and want to help Mt. SAC win a friendly competition against other California colleges and universities can participate in the California University and College...

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