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Trump is no longer in office, but parts of the GOP still supports former president

Almost a month after Biden took office, republicans stayed standing by their former president’s side. While most households have taken down their Trump memorabilia and accepted defeat, others are still flying their TRUMP 2020 flags high. Trump’s supporters have even taken to the streets weeks after the inauguration to cry, “Joe Biden is not our president!”

Even at the senate, Trump’s Allies are still standing behind the former president. Trump’s second impeachment was because he incited the insurrection at the capitol that occurred Jan. 6. Regardless of the cold hard evidence, shocking footage of the violence in the capitol played during his second trial, a majority ruled to acquit Trump- again. The same republicans in the senate voted not guilty, leaving us just 10 votes short of having him convicted.

A certain member of congress worth mentioning who stands by Trump and the far-right’s QAnon conspiracy theories is Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. How it is that Greene obtained a seat on the board of the House of Representatives, it is beyond me. Unfortunately for her, the, “radical, left-wing Democrat mob,” pushed to remove her from her committee duties.

Any true diehard fanboy or cult following would look you straight in the eyes to tell you what they know is the truth (in this case Trump’s call for election fraud). However, recently there had been a very thin line created between the GOP and Trump supporters. This line stands between those with Republican morals and standards, and the cult-like followings of Trump’s misleading words and false accusations. It is quite simple to tell the two apart, because anyone with a logical mind knows that Trump’s time as president has officially passed.

Trump believes that the impeachment was part of a, “Witch Hunt,” one in which he says the senate pushes to support. “Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to make America great again has only just begun,” Trump once said. But at the end of the day Trump has become an infamous symbol in U.S. history; as the leader of the GOP he was impeached twice, and sadly held false hope above many Americans.