What Really Grinds My Gears: Abusing the Media

Journalists don’t deserve to be targeted by politicians, we’re only telling the truth


Cartoon by Christy Lin/SAC.Media.

What really grinds my gears is the way the media is portrayed by news outlets, the public and

government. When it comes to finding out what’s really going on in the world we look toward

mass media communications to give us just that. However, there are a few things that have

been really irking me lately–almost like having an itch that cannot be scratched! Imagine the

annoyance of that situation, because that’s how I feel every time I turn on the news. If it’s not

Fox News, CNN, or Noticias Telemundo, you can count on always hearing the ugly side of

current news stories.

“It’s as if every time I turn on the news, it’s about the end of the world broadcasted by CNN,”

said Southwest School Supplies mechanic, John. Whether you agree or disagree, those are just

the cold-hard facts of what is really going on. Most people, if not all, are too fragile for the truth.

Personally, watching the news has become a focus of the melodramatics created     by news

outlets. There’s a time and place and it’s not the job of CNN or Fox News to broadcast our

favorite sitcom: “Welcome America 2020” the season finale! Overall news outlets should shed

some light on the matter because not all of it is bad.

When sharing information, the public wastes no time on the internet. It’s disturbing to know

people will always find ways to twist the words of a story. Quite simply because they hate what

they’re hearing. The past four years we have our beloved president 45 to thank for that. After

all it was Trump who started the phrase “fake news.” What people need to realize is that all

credible journalists work damn hard to make sure the story they produce is what needs to he

heard for the mass public. Instead journalists are attacked at peaceful protest rallies, and on

site while working! Everyone just needs to back-off, shut up, and let us do our job! At the very least

stop feuding with one another because we all live on this god-forsaken rock.

When it comes to journalists who are considered front line and essential workers, they are

being treated poorly by our government. Fortunately for the American people, we live in a land

built on freedom of speech, press, and assembly, right? Why have police taken their brutality

even further by assaulting an essential working journalist? It is no wonder that after civil lines

have been crossed that people are furious. Point being, instead of taking advantage of this

freedom that’s been given, perhaps it should be exercised for good. Hey it’s not like there’s

communist countries out there who kill those offering an uncontrolled press and media right?

In short America, the way media is portrayed by our public, our government, and our news

outlets needs to change. Instead of complaining how bad the news sounds, be thankful we are

able to be in the know of things that are going on. Instead of getting upset and angry with what

is heard, show some respect to those putting themselves on the line to ensure you stay

informed. Instead of allowing police to abuse journalists rather than protect, do better and

make sure EVERY SINGLE PERSON is protected fairly. The times of savages are beyond us and

we have evolved past that stage of the world. Don’t let someone who is ignorant nor arrogant

represent who you are and your opinion…EVER.