Valheim – Goodbye Sleep, Hello Viking

An open-world survival game that has tons of content and more to come

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One of the latest talks in the gaming community is Valheim. If you have not heard of it, here is a little introduction.
Valheim is currently still in early access but it had already sold more than 5 million copies since its release on Feb 2. It averages more than 55,000 viewers daily on Twitch and once peaked over 500,000 concurrent players on Steam.
It is an open-world survival game, set in a land where wild beasts and other majestic creatures roam the world. This Viking-inspired world allows players to explore, craft and conquer; from creating monumental buildings to defeating mythological creatures.
To begin, players can either create their own server or join other people’s servers. Each server holds up to 10 players and the map is procedurally generated, so each world is unique.
Once you enter Valheim, you will be greeted by Hugin, a raven that will appear periodically with a “!” mark on its head. It brings helpful hints and explanations on how to advance in the game.

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From this point on, it is your world to conquer. Five zones are playable now, which are meadows, black forest, swamp, mountain, plains and ocean. More are under development.
Throughout the map, you can also find scattered runestones inscribed with messages that tell you about the creatures that inhabit these lands.
This is the reason why you were summoned to the tenth world – Valheim is because the monsters that were once banished are making a comeback. The Norse god Odin does not want that to happen, so he wants the greatest warriors for this task.
You now have to prove your worth by surviving the environment and defeating majestic creatures.
Bear in mind that it is still an early access game, so you would most likely encounter bugs. Dying is also part of the game, hopefully, your grave does not glitch out and become unretrievable.

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Valheim has “overwhelmingly positive” reviews on Steam and it is priced at $19.99. According to Valheim’s official FAQ, it is only playable on Windows and Linux through Steam for the time being. It is possible to have a Mac-version if the demand is high, but there is no plan for a console release for now.
Aaron Argenal, 21, an avid gamer, said that it is the best survival game ever.
“The best part about this game is the progression,” he said. “And so far, the base game is great, I can’t wait to see what else they introduce.”

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For more information and the newest update, check out its official website.