5 Funniest Moments from Frenemies

This years biggest podcast has us asking: Are they friends or are they enemies today?


Photo by H3 Productions on YouTube

The only good thing that came out of 2020 was the “Frenemies” podcast hosted by two of the most controversial people on YouTube, Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein. The pair first started the podcast back in September of 2020 and are still recording the show despite their very heated arguments that end with Trisha saying she is leaving the podcast; she never really follows through (THANK GOD). The duo has a unique relationship. Since Paytas started dating Klein’s brother-in-law, they’re practically family. Family by some weird connection, enemies by choice. The podcast has had a great amount of success. You know they’ve made it because people on TikTok use soundbites from the podcast for their videos. Here are some of the best moments from the Frenemies podcast.

“A lot of peoplemMMMhhmMM”

Now, don’t get me started on this iconic clip from the Frenemies podcast that is lowkey making its way to becoming pop culture royalty. Content creators all over TikTok have been recreating the #mmMMhhHHmmchallenge with their besties. News of the trend eventually got back to Trisha, so don’t forget to use #frenemiespodcast when posting your videos. (If you don’t….she’ll come for you)


“With peace and love….it’s not working.”

Never forget when Ethan checked Trisha when she said she didn’t eat the butts of things – like “the ends of chicken fingers, the ends of burgers,” – to stay thin. Let’s be honest, the majority of the podcast is the pair arguing over who is the fattest of the two. With peace and love, this is literally the most chaotic podcast ever.

“Is Trisha Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?”

Episode 4 of “Frenemies” will go down in the history of best podcasts because of the passive aggressiveness we got out of both Trisha and Ethan. The whole time they just tried to make the other person look bad while competing. If you’re wondering, yes, Trisha is smarter than a fifth grader. (The history part of the podcast never happened.)

“Ethan and Trisha Do An Athletics Competition”

In last week’s podcast, Ethan and Trisha went to the park to test each other’s athletic abilities. At the start of the competition, Ethan said that if Trisha could plank for one minute, he would buy a Rolls Royce at the end of the video, just to match with her baby pink one (they are literally besties forever now). Obviously Trisha annihilated Ethan in the competition. We never once doubted her and her athletic ability. At the end of the video, we got the two frenemies sitting in their Rolls Royces eating In-N-Out. Oh, to make an impulsive decision to buy a $300,000 car to match with my best friend who I hate a little bit!

“Can we just also say that we don’t really need gravity.”

Yes, this iconic line is also from episode 4, but Trisha really made some points during this podcast. Paytas claims that gravity is useless and questions why it was ever invented. Honestly, she should be a philosopher. I swear I don’t mean this in a sarcastic way. Is there somewhere she can apply to become one?