Through the Years: K-drama Edition

Graphic by Skye Salamat/SAC.Media.

Ferry Baylon

May 8, 2020

Hey fellow K-drama addicts! Did you enjoy the shows I recommended last time? If you haven’t read it yet, click here. This week, I will be recommending three dramas that aired in 2011. I hope you all enjoy it. Dream High “Dream High” was probably one of the most talked-about shows of 2011. ...

K-pop News of the Week

Graphic by Ferry Baylon/SAC.Media

Ferry Baylon

April 10, 2020

Hey, fellow K-pop fanatics, I hope everyone is keeping healthy and safe. Can you believe it has been two weeks since my last update? So many things have happened over that course of time, but don’t worry, because I am here to help catch you up with the important K-pop news you might have missed. So,...

How Coronavirus is Infecting Pop Culture

Graphic by Skye Salamat/SAC.Media.

Skye Salamat

March 19, 2020

Coronavirus is unavoidable—if not the virus itself, then the preventative actions and media coverage that have infiltrated every corner of our lives. First, it was the doomsday shopping panic that culminated in a shortage of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and wet wipes. With a rising number of cases...

Webtoons to Get You Through Week After Week

Graphic by Natalie Lu/SAC.Media.

Natalie Lu

January 17, 2020

Naver’s LINE WEBTOON app has grown in popularity recently, and not just because you can read them in a snap on your phone or laptop. They’re usually made by small artists and authors who self-publish their work onto the platform, and it gives them an easier chance to make money through patrons or...

Save Your Soul, Read Webtoons

Graphic by Skye Salamat/SAC.Media.

Ferry Baylon

November 7, 2019

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with them, webtoons are digital comics and manga revolutions of this generation that are primarily read on smartphones. What makes them special compared to other types of comics is that each episode is made up of a long vertical strip that creates an infinite canvas,...

Five Ways to Celebrate National Authors Day

Photo credit: Rahul Shah from Pexels

Ferry Baylon

November 1, 2019

First of all, what is National Author’s Day? It’s a day set aside to celebrate your favorite books and authors! I am a self-confessed bookworm. From classics like “Pride and Prejudice” and “Lord of the Flies” to true crime books such as “The Killer Book” series, even to satirical novels...

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