5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Running out of ideas of what to get for your dad? Check out our staff picks

With Father’s Day just a little over a week away, there is still time to get a gift for your dad! Here are some ideas that might help you decide what you want to get.

Gabby’s Pick:

For Father’s Day, I got my dad a pair of his favorite working boots from Amazon. He lost his favorite pair after he had his accident last year. His second father’s day gift also included his very own iced coffee maker because he has recently developed a sweet tooth and since summer is coming up why not have an iced coffee machine on hand to satisfy both the sweet craving and drink something cool.

Andie’s Pick:

My dad absolutely loves barbecuing meat on the grill and Jack Daniels Whiskey.

It’s perfect that Jack Daniels BBQ exists then. For Father’s Day, I got my dad a Jack Daniels gift basket. The set includes Jack Daniel’s infused Tennessee Whiskey sauce, coffee, Jack Daniel’s seasoning, whiskey praline pecans and Jack Daniels shot glasses. He can enjoy barbecuing on the grill with a few extra things too.

Bryan’s Pick:

I would get my dad a pair of Ray-Bans – the Hexagonal Flat Lenses in particular. My dad loves sunglasses, but he is also the most frugal person I have ever met. The kind of guy to use coupons at the Dollar Tree. He gets a cheap pair of sunglasses and within days they are battered and beaten beyond usefulness. So I would get him a pair of quality sunglasses, and I know he will take care of them because they are stylish and because he would not be able to live with himself if he trashed an expensive gift.

Joshua’s Pick

Most dads love, or at least appreciate, cars. If you have listened to them tell any stories about their youth, they have likely spoken at length about their first car with pride. Although it is too expensive to go out and buy your dad a full-on car, you should give them a diecast model of their first car. With this gift, you prove you have actually listened to one of his many stories, and he will appreciate that you did not get him something boring like clothes for the fifth year in a row.

Christie’s Pick

I have been thinking about what to get for my dad for over a month now. The problem is, I didn’t even get him a present for his birthday in April. Not that I didn’t want to, I just didn’t know what to get. He already has five golf caps, four pairs of golf shoes and a bunch of apparel. I got him golf nets to put in the yard so he can practice his swings and chip shots, but that just ended up collecting leaves. He is a simple man and not very technology savvy, so any high-tech or multifunctional gadgets are not for him. He would probably get frustrated. So, when you add all these up, it became very difficult to buy a gift for him.

You might think I would skip his present again, but I finally figured out the best gift for him this Father’s Day. He is getting a new keyboard case for his iPad Pro! Since he uses it for everything from replying emails to playing slot machine games. It has been taking a beating because he is not the most gentle person when he places the iPad down.