5 Ways to Spot a Millennial

Watch out gen Z!


Photo by Amber Ortiz/ SAC.Media.

In the last couple of weeks, Gen Z have been impersonating Millennials on TikTok. Let’s just say, Millennials are not happy with all them making fun of their side parts and skinny jeans. It has gotten to the point where these full-grown adults are taking jabs at teenagers. Don’t they have better things to do like adulting or something? To all of my fellow Gen Z’ers, we have to be careful out there. We definitely don’t want another diss track about us; it would be unfair to humanity if we let that happen again. Here are 5 ways to quickly spot a Millennial.

They refer to dogs as “doggos” or “puppers”

Who else thought we left referring to dogs as “doggos” back in 2016? Just Gen Z? I mean I don’t know what’s worse, being asked what Hogwarts house I’m in or hearing someone say pupper again.

They probably use the “😂’ emoji seriously.

Dear Millennials,

It is okay to keyboard smash.


Gen Z

They use being an early “90s kid” as if it is a personality trait

Coming from someone born in 1999, do millennials really think they’re the only ones who remember tamagotchis and Blockbuster?

They genuinely enjoy BuzzFeed content.

Millennials swear BuzzFeed is revolutionary. Last time I checked, they’re pretty problematic. That is a whole other article though.
(To my fellow Gen Z’ers, I’m guilty of taking quizzes on BuzzFeed. I’m so sorry. I’m taking the time to work on myself and this issue.)

They use phrases like “Coffee before Talkie” and “Fluent in Sarcasm”

If I have to hear my sister and her millennial friends say “adulting is hard” for the 13th million time, I swear I’m going to explode. Lorde, PLEASE help us.

C’mon Millennials, lighten up a bit. Truth is Gen Z is probably going to forget this little rivalry by the end of the week. We have extremely short attention spans and the need to be social justice warriors. We’re currently in the process of canceling James Charles for being a weirdo, so we don’t have time for this petty feud. Keep wearing skinny jeans and doing your side-part if that makes you happy, but please, for the love y’all have for Harry Potter and Tamagotchis, stop making diss tracks. They’re just inhumane.