Ontario Explosion Leaves Two Dead

50 residents displaced for the night as clean up crew disposes of rubble and debris


Screengrab from public video.

On Monday at approximately noon, a large explosion shook a quiet Ontario suburb. Several Ontario residents witnessed a series of explosions followed by a huge fireball and plume of smoke cascading into the sky. 

Officials said that two people were pronounced dead at the scene. According to ABC7 News, the victims were identified as Alex Paez, 38, and Cesar Paez, 20.

According to officials, the explosion was caused when a large cache of fireworks was set off, killing two men.

According to the Ontario Police Department, the explosion took place on Fern Avenue and Francis Street. City officials had advised that people keep clear of the area at the time of the explosion, but people living in the neighborhood had no choice but to remain in the hazardous area.


The explosion sparked multiple structure fires, shattered nearby windows and could be felt from miles away. 

Karely Perez, 31, a psychology and journalism major lives a couple miles from the scene of the explosion. “I was brushing my teeth and I heard a large boom and felt the ground shake,” she said.

Perez said that she initially thought it was a loud sound from an accident on the freeway. Minutes later her aunt sent her a video telling her what happened. “I saw the horrible the black smoke from the area, we could kind of still see fireworks going off.” 

Maria Galvan, a resident of the area, said that she heard low cascading bursts like a freight train dropping from the sky, and then saw a huge explosion. Galvan said that her apartment floor shook. 

The explosion also trapped two horses in a stable near by with smoldering rubble, which firefighters were able to rescue. 

Photo courtesy of Maria Galvan.

Ontario PD said it could be days before residents are let back into their homes after the bomb squad had to come in to dispose of the debris that was left. The 50 residents who were displaced had been given hotel vouchers for Wednesday night.