Reopening the Happiest Place on Earth

Dreams come true with Disneyland’s reopening

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This past year has not been fairytales and full of “Adventure is out there!” vibes but with Disney reopening an adventure to infinity and beyond is feasible.

After a year with no magical firework shows, the smell of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and no churros, the reopening of Disneyland is as near as Nemo was trying to touch the “butt.” This is probably the best news anyone has heard since students heard they were going to have two weeks off thinking COVID-19 was going to end but ended up being a full year of online classes; and an ongoing global pandemic. (And boy were we not ready for what was to come then).

As COVID-19 cases grew worldwide, California, along with the happiest place on earth, temporarily closed its magical doors nationwide. With the decline of COVID-19 cases and the distribution of the vaccine, Disney is projected to reopen their doors as soon as April 30.

Disneyland’s strategy for implementing COVID-19 protective measures while being able to experience the park include; mandatory face covering, social distancing, temperature checks and limited guest interactions while around the park. Disneyland, located in Orange County, currently falls under a red tier county, allowing capacity to be at 15%. As cases drop the cap tiers reach more lenient measures, allowing for more guests to experience the sounds on Main Street once again.

Disney has still been able to keep Buena Vista Street open with selected dining and retail accessible to guests. Let’s be honest, downtown can only do so much for those who want to go into full Disney mode.

For those who can’t wait to feel that extra pinch of pixie dust, A Touch Of Disney Experience will continue through April 19th which allows guests to go through the parks. Though it will not be filled with the presence of guests from all over the world, redeemable food at designed dining locations within Disneyland Resort will be accessible for those who attend the event.

The rush of dopamine Disney brings will lead many eager to get a hold of tickets and park reservations. That experience of walking down Main Street will be less of a dream, and more of a fairytale emanating where dreams come true.