10 Things You Will Find in a Hispanic Household

From Jesus to Tapatio, these items are sure to be in your Hispanic Household

A Hispanic-American household is definitely not like the stereotypical American household that is seen on the TV. There’s no meatloaf and Pine Sol. It’s replaced with tortas and Fabuloso. Here are some products to help identify a Hispanic household.

A Cross, Picture of Jesus, or Jesús Shrine

Jesús is everywhere in a Hispanic household. There is most likely a cross or a picture of him in almost every room. The picture on the wall is definitely going to make you feel like he is staring into your soul. Somewhere in the house there is also a little shrine that includes not only pictures of him, but also the Virgin Mary.


Owen Franken

The Lace Tablecloth

If you go into a Hispanic household and see this tablecloth, then you know the food is going to be good. From tamales to menudo, your mom or abuelita is probably going to force you to eat a lot more than you should. This is where your tias spill all the chisme. Make sure not spill anything because stains can be a nightmare to get out of this tablecloth.

Vanessa Feliciano

Tubs of Butter Filled with Salsa

Hispanics have been reusing items since before it was cool. Once the original product is used, something else goes into the container. If you open the butter tub you are most likely to find salsa. Who needs tupperware when you have a butter container? The peak disappointment to this method is when you open the cookie tin only to find sewing supplies.


Vanessa Feliciano

The Bowls

These bowls usually are cream and ceramic with a brown or blue stripe around the brim. They have the special power to make the pozole or menudo taste better. You never know where they come from, they just appear. The bowls have probably spent years in your daily rotation.

Vanessa Feliciano

An Oven Filled with Pots

People put pots in cabinets? Not in a Hispanic household, the pots go into the oven. The oven is made for storage. It’s easy and convenient, but in that rare instance that you do turn on the oven make sure to take them out.

Vanessa Feliciano

San Marcos Blankets

These blankets are arguably the warmest blankets around. You probably got yours from the local swap meet 15 years ago and it still holds up. The wolf or tiger designs aren’t the most fashionable, but it is a comfort item so it doesn’t matter.

Vanessa Feliciano

La Loteria

Somewhere in a drawer there is La Loteria with beans ready to be played. It comes out at the end of the party, before anyone is ready to go home, . The competition in this game is unmatched. No matter which type you play there is sure going to be some memories made.

Raihana Asral

Vicks Vapor Rub (Vaa-paa-roob)

Vicks seem to be the cure for everything. It doesn’t matter if you have a sore throat or a sore calf, your mom is telling you to put it on. It probably seems like your mom always has Vicks right by her side and if she hears you cough, Vicks is on your chest before you can cough twice.

Gabriel Perez

Jesus Candles

These candles are supposed to signify the light that Christians have in their soul. The glass candles have plenty of different designs and usually have a picture of Mother Mary or Jesus on them. They are often sprinkled around the house or in the Jesus shrine that I mentioned earlier.

Vanessa Feliciano

Tapatio or Valentina Hot Sauce

The debate never ends for which is better, but somewhere in the fridge there is a big bottle of at least one of these. If they aren’t in the fridge, they’re on the table ready to be used to make food taste better.