OPINION: Stop Cancelling Plans On Your Friends

If you say you can make it then stand by your word.


Graphic by Monica Inouye/SAC.Media.

Why do people make plans with friends and then at the last minute text you that they can’t make it? The amount of the anger and frustration that I am in at the moment is off the roof. Something that we had been planning for a week that they agreed to originally, but then all of sudden they cancel on you is something that really ticks me off. It’s even worse when you’re going to go play a sport that needs a certain number of people.
An example of this would be the game of basketball. You need a team of five in order to play a full court game. You make a team of five and assume that you won’t need any subs or extra people because everyone said that they could make it. But the day of, they text you saying that they can’t make—it just ruins the whole plan. You can’t obviously play a four on five game because first, it’s not fair and second, the teams are not even—it just throws off the whole plan.
Something else that really annoys me is people who leave you on read. The audacity that someone has to read the message and not respond back to you is simply just disrespectful. I understand if it’s an honest mistake but when it’s done on purpose that infuriates me. In my opinion, if a person does this to you multiple times, I would just forget that person. Clearly, he or she doesn’t value or respect you; therefore, they don’t deserve anything from you.
However, I’m not saying to do it and reciprocate this same behavior, but rather be the bigger and better person. One general rule that I live by is not to do anything that I dislike to others. I firmly stand by this and my actions say so as well.