Astrology Actually Does Matter… Kinda

If you think it’s stupid, you’re playing yourself


Image from Numerology Sign on Flickr, under creative commons licensing.

Have you noticed how more and more people have started to indulge into the world of astrology? Today, one of the most common questions when getting to know someone is, “What’s your sign?” or “What time were you born?” Whether it’s with your love life, your inner circle, your family and most importantly: yourself. I know that a few years back when you’d ask someone what their sign was, they’d either laugh at you asking, “You actually believe in that stuff?” Or they won’t know and say they’re an Aquarius born on June 12.

With social media apps like Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok, astrology has been able to be highlighted and studied much more in-depth than just, a response such as, “Oh, I’m a Scorpio” or, “I’m such a Capricorn”, or my personal favorite, “I’m not crazy, I’m just a Gemini.”

Today, you can find our “Big 3”, “Big 6” and even things like “Venus Sign Compatibility”, the houses that your moon sign lies in–the list goes on. It’s so complex but so interesting to the point where people just eat it up.

But what exactly is astrology? Why is astrology so popular now? Why is it important?

I’ll tell you …

Astrology is the study of the stars like the Sun and Moon and their influence on human lives. Have you ever thought about how there are layers and complex aspects to your personality? What about the way you process information, the way you think or the way that you demonstrate love? The way you speak to people or the way you come off when meeting them.

Astrology tells you that.

Today, knowing your sun, moon, rising and venus sign can tell you so much about a person. Let’s break down the basics without boring you to death. Your sun sign–which is the sign that falls on your birthday–represents your most prominent personality traits and identity. Your moon sign represents your most vulnerable self and how you deal with emotions. Your rising sign is your “mask”, and how other people see you. Your venus sign is your love language and what you seek in a relationship. The fact that this can all be found by entering in someone’s birthday, their time of birth, and their place of birth into websites like Cafe Astrology, and having access to their birth chart with what you need to know and descriptions of what it all means is the best part.

Here’s where it gets interesting and honestly, my favorite part about astrology. With these factors in mind, it can genuinely be used to read a person and know at least the blueprint of what to expect from them. Who doesn’t like knowing what to expect?

Let’s put it to play.

What about that guy you met from Bumble who you’re going on a date with for the first time? Asking for their birthday, and time of birth (if you’re comfortable enough with them of course), can easily tell you what to expect from him and what he typically looks for in a relationship. That can then tell you if it aligns with your love language, your ideal partner and whether or not your relationship with this person is going to be magical or a ticket straight to hell.

Ever wonder why you and your best friend get along so well? Why does your circle get along so well and balance each other out? Or why don’t they balance each other at all?

Their birth charts tell you.

You see what I mean? It’s honestly a form of networking if you ask me.

It’s understandable when people say that astrology doesn’t matter and that someone’s zodiac sign doesn’t define them or their relationship with someone. Honestly I get it. I’ll even admit that sometimes astrology is taken to a whole other level of extreme when trying to justify certain behavior. Just because Ted Bundy was a Sagittarius doesn’t mean that all Sagittarius are going to be serial killers.

Bottom line is, astrology is such an interesting study that can be a fun insight into the astrological side of everything. Everyone should take it more into consideration when meeting people. While it doesn’t excuse negative behavior to any degree, it definitely shows what to expect in a person and how you’re able to make things work with them. The next time you’re asked what your “Big 3” is, or what time you were born–they’re not being delusional. They are trying to figure you out.