Campus spotlight: Time for a mental break

A service students don’t know about but can change their life

Fall semester has begun, the campus is bustling with life and you and your fellow students are enjoying life, until homework, anxiety and other pressures weigh on your shoulders and lead to stress and more problems. To relieve these troubles, consider taking a trip to Mt. SAC’s mindfulness and meditation sessions.

Located in building 26C in the Randall Planetarium, the Mindfulness and Meditation Under the Stars is held every Wednesday from 4:45 to 5:30 p.m., hosted by Mt. SAC counselor and professor Andrea Torres. Registration is recommended for the sessions, but walk-ins are always welcome. Sessions offer many forms of stimulating triggers like sound bowls, meditations and positive affirmations. Students can use the time to simply relax or participate in the sessions in the dark room illuminated by stars.

As a mindful educator with 10 years of meditation experience, Torres hopes to give students a safe space to feel relaxed and wash their worries away.
“The overall permission for people to know is that it’s okay to rest,” Torres said.

Throughout her time, students have continued to attend the sessions and have shown improvement through posture, attitude and even word of mouth.

Mt. SAC student Aston-Rowan Cazares told Torres that her teachings have been great support.

“These resources have helped me several times time and time again when things get hard,” Cazares said.

Although the sessions have more of a female showing, men are always welcome to participate. Everyone needs to get things off their chests once in a while: these sessions are judgment free and supportive.

Students can register here to make reservations and attend the wellness sessions. For those who need more assistance, the site gives alternative options if attendance is not possible. Many resources are available to students who want to do wellness on their own. For example, apps like Calm and Mountie-guided meditation podcasts are available on the site.

These sessions may surprise those who may feel skeptical about meditation. It can be very beneficial for those in a lot of stress and need a little help. In addition to meditation, the Mt. SAC Health Center offers many other forms of help focused on improving students’ mental health and wellbeing.