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A Student Publication of Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA


A Student Publication of Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA


Mt. SAC installing cameras amid continuing safety concerns

Multiple car break-ins and catalytic converter thefts occurred this spring semester
David Fender
Location of Campus Safety and Police dispatch.

Since Sept. 20, 2023 when a small scuffle between students escalated into a stabbing, Mt. SAC has increased its security presence and enhanced surveillance to prevent future incidents on campus.

Despite the increase in security on campus and revised emergency protocols, some students still feel uneasy when asked about Mt. SAC’s safety.


Do Students Feel Safe?

Sarah Hyu, a sociology student, expressed her concerns regarding her overall safety when on campus. “I think during the first eight weeks there’s like four different crimes that happened all at once,” Hyu said. “So of course I would not feel safe.”

Students like Hyu do not feel like Mt. SAC is taking the necessary steps to increase safety on campus despite the increase in visual security

However, other students believe that the added security and countermeasures have brought a renewed feeling of safety when on campus.

Students like sophomore film major Miguel Cruz are embracing the increased foot patrol on campus and hope to see more of these changes added. “I like the implementation of more guards and seeing them walking around campus all the time,” Cruz said.

Despite the increase in security, an average of 6.5 crimes a month have been reported in the months following the stabbing incident. According to the Mt. SAC crime log, there was a battery reported on March 14 and another battery reported during a basketball game in November.

During the 2023 fall semester, more violent and sexual crimes occurred. Recently there has been a notable surge in theft. Catalytic converters have recently been targeted in parking lots A and B. On Feb. 5 and 27, two converters were stolen from parked cars.

Additionally, multiple students have reported several car break-ins including grand thefts and burglary. On February 14, another student parked in lot H had their window smashed, the suspect rummaged through the car and left the scene. On March 19, a student’s MacBook, iPhone and backpack was stolen from their car parked in lot B.

In response to the various incidents last fall, Mt. SAC administration is set to install more surveillance equipment around campus.

Markelle Stansell, the executive Assistant II to the Vice President, sent an email regarding the approval and future installation of surveillance equipment around building 26 by the end of the calendar year.



Increasing Campus Surveillance

Stansell also revealed the campus would add an extension of the campus safety department by having an annex in the central part of campus.

“We are also in the process of adding a Safety Annex located in Bldg. 26D Room G431,” Stansell stated. “This location will be the hub for our Student Safety Ambassador Program, which we are working to launch in the fall.”

Mt. SAC has experienced numerous theft-based charges. It’s advised that students attending classes on campus keep an eye on the Mt. SAC crime log and report any suspicious behavior around campus.

During Mt. SAC’s last campus safety forum on Oct. 26, 2023, President Martha Garcia mentioned that building 26 needed a change to the current safety measures in place due to its high density of student foot traffic.

Since building 26 has such a large population of students, the installation of security cameras is expected to deter potential crimes in the future.

Mt. SAC has taken proactive steps to enhance the safety of students on campus, despite the concerns among the student body and the steady reports of crimes per month.

The conversation about campus safety will continue at the third Campus Safety Forum on Monday, April 15 at 2:30-4:30 p.m. in the Design Technology Center Auditorium, building 13-1700.

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