Student-made paper koinobori hanging within the Equity Center.

Tango no Sekku: Cultural celebration series

Ehvan Fennell, Lifestyle and Culture Editor May 23, 2023

May 5 is Tango no Sekku, also known as Boy’s Day or “double fifth,” one of five seasonal Japanese festivals influenced by Chinese customs that was held every year since the Nara period, a historic...

Cafe 91: Win-win for students

Cafe 91: Win-win for students

Alex Ruiz, Staff Reporter May 23, 2023

Hands-on learning is beneficial to students' education and Cafe 91 provides that exact experience for students interested in culinary arts. Located on the first floor of Building 78, the student-run restaurant...

Emma Chamberlain poses for her Rolling Stone shoot. Via Alana O’Herlihy/Rolling Stone.

Opinion: Emma Chamberlain’s Rolling Stone cover is well deserved

Brisa Gutierrez, Social Media Manager May 19, 2023

Emma Chamberlain has been crowned “Miss Internet” on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine for their second ever “Creator Issue” and it makes total sense. Critics who said she doesn't deserve the...

A person plays alone at an arcade machine.

The death of arcades

Delila Grubaugh, Features Editor May 19, 2023

In the pursuit of entertainment, the creation of the first-ever commercial video game Computer Space was born and soon after came the birth of the establishments that housed multiple coin-operated video...

Downtown Fairplex in the LA County Fair.

How to save time and money at Fairplex

Adam Young, Staff Reporter May 19, 2023

The Los Angeles County Fair is back until May 29. Here are some tips to save money and time while having fun at the fair with friends and family. Pricing Season pass parking is $80 while regular parking...

Sushi rolls freshly prepared and ready to be eaten. Via Kasumi Loffler/Pexels.

Diving deep into the world of supermarket sushi

Willy Wang, Staff Reporter May 19, 2023

For those of us who love sushi, we don’t always have the time or money to go to a good sushi restaurant. We see the sushi cases at the grocery store and wonder, does the supermarket sushi taste good...

Woody by Yessenia C. Hidalgo, 2022.

Photo gallery: Mt. SAC hosts an impressive display of students creativity and artwork

Emily Fernandez, News Editor May 16, 2023

From ceramics to paintings, students submitted their unique artwork to the Diana Berger Gallery to celebrate the 73rd Annual Student Art Exhibition. The student exhibit began on May 4 and will continue...

Minecraft Legends PVP sucks.

Minecraft Legends’ multiplayer is a disaster

Adam Young, Staff Reporter May 12, 2023

Minecraft Legends is a new real-time strategy game launched by Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, which has been received very poorly by critics. However, a dedicated community has banded together to try...

Exterior design of the Thinkspace Projects building.

Thinkspace Projects illuminates the New Contemporary Art Movement

Willy Wang, Staff Reporter May 11, 2023

In April, Thinkspace Projects debuted the work of four new artists. Ezra Brown, Caroline Weaver, Delisha and Willem Hoeffnagel are all creative minds who represent the New Contemporary Art Movement. Thinkspace...

Media from across the country and around the world came to Hilmer Lodge for a one of a kind event.

Mt. SAC’s inaugural Track Fest: Run up the night

Robbie Doctor, Staff Reporter May 11, 2023

Sports. Free food. Beer. Live music. What’s not to like? Mt. SAC hosted its first Track Fest, a hybrid “part music festival, part track meet” event featuring elite Olympic-caliber athletes representing...

A roadmap of upcoming updates for Smite. Via SmiteGame on Twitch.

Defend Ix Chel at all costs

Ehvan Fennell, Lifestyle and Culture May 10, 2023

This year, Smite celebrated its 10-year anniversary since its initial release on PC back in 2013. In each of the previous years, one or two update patches have been released to balance and adjust gods,...

Via HBO Entertainment.

Opinion: You should be watching ‘Barry’

Bryan Jimenez, Editor in Chief May 5, 2023

Rarely does any form of media masterfully intertwine drama, comedy and action with an impressive pacing and a balanced tone. HBO’s “Barry” does all the above and more, in the confines of 30-minute...

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