Being a Student, Parent, and Teacher in One

Graphic by Isaac Le/SAC.Media.
Some parents have been forced to double as their child's teacher while being in school themselves.
November 9, 2020

You sit down to write an essay and as your computer opens, your child screams your name and asks for help on a math problem you haven't looked at since you were their age. After Google helps you answer...

SACAttack: News, Sports and More

The journalism students launch a new show during the pandemic.
October 31, 2020

Join hosts Andre Tinoco and Steve Hernandez for Episode 1 and hear about how COVID is taking its toll on students and faculty, Halloween COVID style, and The Dodgers and Lakers big wins. SACAttack is filmed,...

Counselor Mentor Students With Mindfulness

Photo by Vanessa Feliciano/
Professor helps students and faculty through meditation
October 6, 2020

Whether it's in the classroom or online, Adjunct Professor and counselor Andrea Torres is always willing to help not only her students but also faculty members. “I always love to connect with students,...

Letter From The Editor-in-Chief: Too Stubborn To Stop Now

SAC.Media Editor-in-Chief Abraham Navarro takes a photo of himself at San Jacinto Wildlife Area as he works on a story for Substance.Media on November 20, 2019. Photo credit: Abraham Navarro/SAC.Media
We recognize our responsibility and the sacrifices we need to make
August 26, 2020

When I stepped up to take the position as editor-in-chief of SAC.Media, the reality of the world had finally hit me. I realized that there will never be a time like that before 2020 again. The world will...

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