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First Woman Hired as General Manager in MLB History

Jesse Espitia, Sports Editor November 27, 2020

In a historic year which saw a woman get elected as Vice President of the United States, MLB also had a historic milestone for gender equality when the Miami Marlins franchise hired Kim Ng to be their...

Graphic by Isaac Le/SAC.Media

Opinion: The Hypocrisy of Party-boy Newsom

Cesar Gonzalez, News Editor November 23, 2020

Who would've thought that Gov. Newsom would go as far as to violate his very own COVID-19 restrictions? An “emergency brake” was issued by Newsom last Monday, that said 40 California counties were...

Dodgers fans stand on top of cars and celebrate at the intersection of Flower Street and 11th Avenue near the Staples Center on Oct. 29, 2020. The Los Angeles Dodgers won game six of the World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays, the first time the Dodgers won since 1988. Photo credit: Abraham Navarro/SAC.Media.

The World Series Win Has Me Bleeding Dodger Blue

Abraham Navarro, Editor-in-Chief November 20, 2020

This was my first World Series as a baseball fan. I sat down to watch Game 2 of the World Series as my first full game of baseball, and it was the hook that kept me there. After learning that the...

Kevin Welbeck, a Cre8 the Change organizer speaks in front of the LAPDs Hollywood station on Sept. 26, 2020 during a protest against the court ruling of Breonna Taylors case. Photo by Abraham Navarro/SAC.Media.

Students March for Breonna Taylor

Cesar Gonzalez, Community News Editor September 27, 2020

Since Wednesday students have been seen marching with protesters following the grand jury decision for the case of Breonna Taylor. Protesters gathered in a large group Saturday morning in Hollywood...

Image by Jsig9 from Pixabay

Newsom Plans to Cut Emissions by 2035

Cesar Gonzalez, News Editor September 25, 2020

California Gov. Gavin Newsom made a public announcement Wednesday afternoon declaring that California will be moving forward to phase out all gasoline-powered vehicles. According to Newsom 50 percent of...

Taken from a public video posted by Gavin Newsom on Youtube Jan 9, 2011

Gov. Newsom Endorses Jackie Lacey’s Opponent for District Attorney

Monica Inouye, Politics Editor August 31, 2020

This week Gov. Gavin Newsom chimed in on Los Angeles local politics to offer support for opposition candidate George Gascon in his race for LA County district attorney against incumbent Jackie Lacey. Newsom...

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