TV Shows That Are Coming Soon

The wait is almost over to watch some long awaited highly anticipated fan favorite shows

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The endless search through Netflix in hopes of finding something you haven’t seen yet can be quite the challenge. You keep going. And going. And going, until you come to the realization that the search for something new is hopeless. So, you settle for “New Girl” and decide to watch it for the fifth time. Sound familiar?

Much of everyone’s entertainment during these quarantine days of COVID-19 has come from watching new TV shows. But once all of the new TV shows are checked off your list to watch next you resort to watching your favorite TV shows all over again.

Well, for those who are tired of the reruns, rest assured that new shows are on their way. These shows that are coming soon are long awaited and offer comedy and action that will have everyone satisfied with new content to watch.


For Marvel Comic fans the long anticipated wait for the “Loki” television series will be over soon as the first episode date is June 11. The TV series will consist of six episodes and will launch on Disney Plus for fans to see. Actor Tom Hiddleston who plays the character Loki hasn’t had the most screen time in the Marvel movies but now with his own show that focuses on his character allows for more understanding of Loki.

The six-episode series that takes place after the events of the film “Avengers: Endgame” will follow Loki interfering with human history as he appears to have influenced different historical events. The series unlocks a bunch of possibilities of where the storyline will go as it has to do with time travel.

“Friends: The Reunion”

Now, for all of the fans of the TV sitcom “Friends,” “Friends: The Reunion” is going to be released on May 27. Fans have been wanting the characters of “Friends” to get back together and everyone’s wish has been answered. The immense appreciation of the beloved 90s sitcom following the lives of a group of friends has not died down as many are looking forward to the release date.

The original cast of “Friends” will be back including Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry. The reunion is not going to be like previous episodes as seen in the original sitcom. The style of the reunion will be more of an in depth sit down of the cast reflecting on the show. The old cast will be testing their trivia knowledge of the show and joining James Corden for an interview in front of a live audience, which was how the original show was filmed.

“The Bachelorette”

A major fan favorite that is returning is “The Bachelorette.” Fans should be glad to know that “The Bachelorette’s” 17th season will air June 7. The season will follow Katie Thurston, a bank marketing manager who was first seen on the 24th season of “The Bachelor,” who is now on her own journey in the search for love.

In this upcoming season Thurston will have the chance to get to know 25 eligible men, in the hopes she finds a husband. For everyone craving to see what is in store for the upcoming season, the wait is almost over. Let the Zoom calls commence for friends to gather on their laptops to watch the 17th season with a remote in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

All of these shows will be fun and interesting to watch as summer is right around the corner. Nonetheless, those who have not had much to watch recently, new and exciting shows are on their way.